15 February 2013

today in, "did you know i'm gay?"

professional soccer athlete robbie rogers announced that he was gay, then announced that he was quitting being a professional soccer athlete. hey robbie, nobody cares if you're gay if you're not a professional soccer athlete anymore. now you're just some chelsea queen.

call me.

jonathan groff - miscast - anything goes

my local congressman makes national news for having a secret daughter

He got caught tweeting a beautiful young woman after the SOTU and people thought he was having some sort of romantic relationship with her. Steve Cohen is not married, so there isn't really anything wrong with that, but whatever. It turns out that the lady in questions wasn't a girlfriend, it was a daughter that had been kept secret from him until three years ago! whoa. To make it even weirder, the girl's mother was previously married to Frank Sinatra Jr. and is a defense lawyer in Texas for international war criminals. huh? I vote for this man.

why do so many Russians have dashcams in their car?

have you noticed how many people captured the meteor strike on dashcam? here is why.

deep impact in russia

how amazing

  A meteor estimated to weigh 10 tons and traveling at 33,000 mph exploded over western Siberia in Russia early Friday. The explosion injured some 500 people who were hit mostly by glass that was broken by the boom. The explosion, captured on amateur video, broke windows, set off car alarms, and disrupted cell phone service in Russia's Ural mountains near Chelyabins, Reuters reports. A zinc factory was reportedly damaged by falling fragments
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