31 August 2010

secretariat :: seabiscuit

i know im not the only one who is going to be comparing these two movies. couldnt they have tried a bit harder to make the posters look dissimilar?

guess whom's engaged.

it's vomas! 


Via A.M. via refinery29

nyc short film

made by a german tourist.

there wasn't a part for Lilo in this?

looks like fun amiright?

4 days until football time in tennessee

#4. Derek Dooley

We all have fond memories of the Philip Fulmer era of Tennessee football. We were excited and nervous when Lane Kiffin took over last season as he was a different kind of coach than we were used to, but there was hope that it might be a good thing.

Turns out Lane Kiffin was self serving jerk who completely disrespected Tennessee athletics, but there are no regrets about what happened last season because it has brought us to where we are now.

Little Derek Dooley grew up in Athens, Georgia. His dad, Vince Dooley was the head football coach and athletic director of the third tier university there, his mother Barbara was a radio talk show host. After playing at Virginia Tech, and assistant coaching jobs at Georgia, SMU, LSU, and Miami (NFL), Dooley ended up as the head coach and athletic director at Louisiana Tech. He and his wife (a vagina doctor) have three young kids. This is what coach Dooley has to say about Tennessee football:

"As most of you know, I grew up in this conference. I grew up in the SEC. It didn't take me long as a youngster to realize that Tennessee was the essence of college football. Even as a young kid, watching the team run through the 'T,' when you see checkerboard end zones and, of course, hear 'Rocky Top' - those were vivid memories as a youngster."

It is great to have a new young coach in town with respect for our program and the SEC, but the real test will be played out between the hedges, under the lights, over the course of the upcoming seasons. I've got my fingers crossed and hopes set on an SEC championship and national title run within the next 5 years. GOOD LUCK DEREK DOOLEY!!

ps. i just watched that "run through the T" video and got real goosebumps!

guess whom is immune to aids?

just your worst nightmare. [nyt]

joey's bad idea...

...gave me this good idea!

star-studded cast! dedicated to hurrikin earl, obvi.

look what banksy did.

looks like no one even notices the fishing nets and oil drums that dalphin's working with.

your daily pappa

what is kismet doing?

slutting it out in a boudoir photoshoot.

kismet i can see your shame.

raccoons are the new bedbugs!

Raccoons may be wild animals, but they’re no longer a rarity in the city. They seem to be appearing in greater numbers and, like true New Yorkers, seem to be behaving much more boldly.
From Queens to Brooklyn and the Bronx, New Yorkers are coming across them in usual and also in unusual places: on stoops and rooftops, by bird feeders and garbage cans, on the edge of above-ground pools, even inside kitchen drawers. (via)
yes plz!

hunker down, y'all!

this makes me want mexican food real bad.

thx markie!

my name is temple grandin!

jicydak, temple grandin won FIVE (5) emmys!

that makes me as happy as being inside my squeeze machine. thx liz!

omg how'd she climb up there?

look at this chick balancing on the crossbar via

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