19 June 2011

the grizzlies are the tits.

ESPN the magazine ranked all of the major league professional sports teams in their Ultimate Standings, and the Memphis Grizzlies came in 9th overall.

The overall ranking is based on how much the organization gives back to fans for the time, money and emotion invested in its product, determined by eight categories – bang for the buck, players, fan relations, affordability, stadium experience, ownership, title track and coaching.

Memphis was ranked No. 1 overall in the “bang for the buck” category, gauged by wins over the past two seasons per dollar contributed directly by fans (adjusted for differences in league schedules).

Among NBA teams, the Grizzlies trailed only the San Antonio Spurs (No. 5) and Oklahoma City Thunder (No. 6).

The Grizzlies, the second-highest jumper on the overall list this year, clawed 66 spots higher than last season’s edition, trailing only the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, which moved from the No. 70 spot to the No. 2 position as the highest chart-climber in the Ultimate Standings.

Additionally, Memphis was rated the hottest team in sports in a separate survey by ESPN The Magazine, asking fans to rate recent changes in their commitment to their favorite team.

love the grizz.

call your girlfriend


oh, hi.... i was just barking. i mean meowing. yes. meowing.

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