29 May 2014

Laverne Cox rockin the cover of Time Magazine

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don't forget: season 2 of OITNB starts june 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

27 May 2014

Happy Bearthday Joel!!!!

when you google "san francisco" and "bear" a lot of things come up...but anyhow, according to IG you are having a ton of fun over there. guess us correspondentz will hold down the fort...

23 May 2014

ol' wobble knees

another legislative banger from our home state

The controversy surrounding lethal injection drugs and their availability intensified following Oklahoma's botched execution of Clayton Lockett, and now Tennessee lawmakers believe they've come up with a solution: electrocution. On Thursday evening, Republican Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill into law allowing the state to electrocute death-row inmates if lethal injection drugs can't be obtained. Eight states allow inmates to choose the electric chair rather than lethal injection, but the new law makes Tennessee the only state where convicts will not have a choice in the matter. (via)
YOU get an electric chair! and YOU get an electric chair!

M⚽⚔☝€ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - Clouds of Sils Maria

Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart & Chloƫ Grace Moretz as actress types in love and conflict?!?!?! YASSSS!!!
Directed by Olivier (former Mrs. Maggie Cheung) Assayas!!!

We have to wait until December in the USA for it to be released :-(

22 May 2014

trend alert?

with the 9th annual international cornhole cup rapidly approaching (june 14, jicyww), i've been brushing up on what the kids are listening to, and i noticed a thing.

this is a new song by jeremih featuring YG, which i shared with you as a potential song of the summer. it features a (pretty loose) sample from 90's clurb anthem "rhythm is a dancer".

this is a new song by kid ink featuring chris brown, and i noticed it sounded pretty much exactly the same. the sample in this one is from the 90's clurb anthem "show me love" by robin s.

the answer to this riddle is that both tracks were produced by some guy named dj mustard, who is clearly phoning it in. you can recognize him by his "mustard on tha beat" calling card. i guess it's not really a trend if it's just one guy repeating the same formula. i hope it catches on though because i'm enjoying the aesthetic.

on a side note: what are the odds that two songs called "show me love" would be released in the same year by people named robin / robyn?

UPDATE: ugh here's another song that sounds exactly the same.

come on, dj mustard.

travelling this weekend?

how far you going?
i received this as part of an email blast and found it to be a great way to waste time.  space is big.  i've only scrolled to jupiter so far.

21 May 2014

feeling #blessed that this didn't happen to me

This morning around 9 a.m., a Brooklyn resident boarded the Manhattan bound N train to find close to 50 kids on the car, all armed with recorders. Trapped in some waking nightmare, each station stop passed and the kids remained, playing their recorders the entire time. In total: forty minutes. (via)
you know what it reminds me of?

frosty the snow goat

adore delano - DTF

she didnt win drag race (spoiler alert) but she did win over our hearts. also, this video is fantastic. #teambianca #teamadore

st vincent was on snl

some people loved it, some people hated it.

20 May 2014


this is how hong kong does construction scaffolding: w/ bamboo and colorful fabric.

drew barrymore plays "would drew barrymore like this" for billy on the street


16 May 2014

As soon as I get home from work


Enjoy the rest of your fridays, my darlings...

its an internet gift and a friday miracle

i just found out that the read compiles their intro music on a single soundcloud playlist.

enjoy! #grownwoman

spiderman is a fishy queen in the new arcade fire video



today's spirit animal is....

...this ambulance driver!

may all your fridays evolve in a similar fashion.

15 May 2014

magical mister mistoffeles

that bryan safi is such a gem.

my boy barry obama was in town today to dedicate the 9/11 museum


Chvrches linked up with Spotify to produce a full video of a concert:
"Live At The Forum, London 14 March 2014"

They make great music, but there always seems to be a problem with their vocals when they do live performances - it tends to be too low and muddled against all the very sharp instruments and samples. But that said they are fun and they have a great lighting design. 

music history lesson

set your dvrs

this is the new show from greys anatomy and scandal creator shonda rhimes. instead of going back and trying to binge watch the first season before the second season starts, why dont we all just agree to watch this one as it comes.

your move big tobi


non-photoshopped culkin-gosling t-shirt play


sylvan esso - coffee

this one has been on repeat for a while.

mechanical bullock with rachel dratch

billy on the street shoots and scores

persistance pays

i would like to give this pup a big hug, please. source

14 May 2014

lets talk about the magical creature named conchita wurst

have you ever heard of eurovision? apparently there is this international euro-zone song competition that has been going on since the 1950s. Past winners include ABBA, Celine Dion, and Julio Iglesias. You can sort of think of it like a miss america pageant, but only songs, and each country involved gets a vote. well conchita wurst is this singing queen fron austria who won the contest this year to some controversy. what do we call a fishy queen with a full beard? i vote for catfish.

half of these ladies on tv in Dallas do NOT want to see boys kissin' on tv!

this is really funny to me. and, yes that is courtney from most eligible dallas on bravo. via.

thats some cat

have you seen the video of the family cat that saves the son from the crazy neighbor's dog? puppies are NOT supposed to act this way.

because I am obsessed with everything retro-tropical right now...

2 Hamms are better than 1

Jon Hamm and his Madame Tussauds wax double. Dreamy.

Ryan Gosling

wearing a tshirt of Macaulay Culkin wearing a tshirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a tshirt of Macaulay Culkin
is it just me or is ryan gosling being paparazzied at the same gas station?

13 May 2014

speaking of broad city bitch

you can bid to visit the set for charity and hang out with those two broad city gals!!! current bid is $1350 and it's good for 3 people so really, it's basically a steal.

dancing animated GIF

television animated GIF

television animated GIF


deleted scene from broad city featuring amy sedaris!

new music tuesday

i recommend:

sylvan esso - sylvan esso

sean nicholas savage - bermuda waterfall


this blind puppy can still fetch!

thank you!

your fortnightly boat

Archaeologist Barry Clifford believes he has discovered the remains of Christopher Columbus's ship, the Santa Maria, which was lost at sea more than 500 years ago, off the coast of Haiti. (via)

bait and switch!

M⚽⚔☝€ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - "The Homesman" by Tommy Lee Jones

... apparently coming in october

an SNL deleted sketch

recommended by @bourdain

12 May 2014

watch michael sam get drafted into the nfl and cry and kiss his bf

now i'm crying.

i guess it makes sense that cows would love tuba music

that brown cow with the bell can get it.

thx kennedy!

TERRIBLE news!!!


@caityweaver to the rescue, tho.

love this photo.

that is all

09 May 2014

the boss isn't in today so can i leave now?

think i can sneak on outta here early?

it's (actually) mother's day weekend!!! enjoy that time with your mama. if you don't see her IRL give her a call, because she carried your heavy ass around for 9 long months.

EXACTLY how I feel right now...

could she beeeeeee more over it?

designers: try not to J your Ps over this.

It was called the Graphics Standards Manual, and it was produced for the MTA by Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda, two then-unknown designers who worked at Unimark International at the time. A recent New Yorker article about the golden age of corporate identities discussed their manual as one perfect example of the era—concise, utterly practical, and incredibly prescient.
It's unclear how many of these red-covered manuals are still around, but one copy was recently rediscovered by three young designers—Hamish Smyth, Niko Skourtis and Jesse Reed—who work at the NYC graphic design giant Pentagram. As Smyth told me this week, the manual was discovered entirely by accident, as two designers rooted around in Pentagram's basement looking for something else entirely.
"They were searching the basement for a tarpaulin to cover our outdoor foosball table when they stumbled upon the manual at the bottom of a staff locker under a bunch of old gym clothes," Smyth explained. "For graphic designers, this is like stumbling on a first edition Gutenberg Bible. Well, perhaps that is a bad analogy, because graphic designers would also have a hard time containing themselves over that." (via)
thx liz!

this is what it felt like when i found out joel had watched 'frozen' three times without me



08 May 2014

presented without comment


do you want to see the Jim Jarmusch/ Tilda Swinton vampire movie?


riding in elevators with reese witherspoon

country girl can survive. via


Rihanna vs Avril

Apparently people paid $400 bucks for back stage passes to meet Avril Lavigne...and they aren't allowed to touch her. Some Buzzfeed genius decided to compare Avril's meet in greet to our favorite Bs (not that one), Rihanna!



No further comment (more photos here)

07 May 2014

youtube classixxxx

wait til her O-B-G turns out to be a C-A-T!

little sia (from dance moms) in this chandelier music video

hello, i'm shelley duvall

today's spirit animal

Tara and Johnny at the Kentucky Derby

you guys.

chloe made us an easter video and we didn't even know it!

thx phil! (RIP)

06 May 2014

hey queens, the beach is back

Ft. Tilden is officially back open after hurricane sandy came in and messed it all up. go find your tank top, reserve a seat on the hipster school bus, and grab a few mar-GO-ritas and pina-GO-ladas from duane reade because it is time to get unsupervised. via

mother's day is just around the corner, and Ms. Dangles made this video so you would know exactly what book your mom is going to want to read

more information

ive got news

if you listen to How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner, or if you enjoy Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner, you are in good company. Amy Poehler is going to produce a new scripted comedy tv program for USA. in the future you should set your dvr for that so we can talk about it later.

i can't deal with this.

Ralphee the kitten has a neurological condition called feline cerebellar hypoplasia, which impairs her fine motor skills and ability to walk, making her what's affectionately known as a "wobbly cat." Fortunately, her buddy Max the cattle dog is always there to look out for her. (via)


MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - FUTURE ISLANDS "Spirit" on Jimmy Kimmel

my fave song on the album:

Samuel T. Herring is beginning to remind me of those tangentially related male cousins or uncles that had a burn out of some kind in their youth and are now super sensitive and have a case of "forever heart brokenness." Ya know, they are cool to have a beer with in the garage at thanksgiving but after the second beer the convo starts getting a little too real - extreme political stances - the perfect women who got away - the dreams that are gone and will never return. 

they opened with "Doves"

05 May 2014

hey guys, i don't know if you noticed but the brooklyn nets are through to the second round of the playoffs!


their series against the heat begins tomorrow night. #gulp

veep on veep on veep

don't not watch this.

Does anyone have $18,000 they can lend/give me?

bc there is a Grand Budapest Hotel cruise screening on the Queen Mary 2 with people like Wes Anderson, Tilda Swinton, and Jason Schwartzman. It leaves from New York and ends in London. And they'll probably serve great food and you get to play shuffleboard with Tilda Swinton. The only thing is it costs at minimum $1,200 and maximum like $18k. But it's totally worth it to see this face:

01 May 2014

mother's day is, eh hem, NEXT sunday.

thanks for the reminder, UT.

memphis rolls out the red carpet in the only way it knows how

royalty in memphis this weekend

Prince William, Princess Kate, and (newly single) Prince Harry are all planning to be in Memphis this weekend for a friend's wedding. They are also planning to visit Graceland and possibly get drunk on Beale Street. Twerk on the British Royals

merry clayton - lift ev'ry voice and sing

we've got a situation in newfoundland.

a dead whale washed up on a beach, and apparently whale carcasses have a nasty habit of inflating with their own gases while decomposing until they sometimes explode, raining down disgusting whale parts all over the place. 
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