15 July 2011

50 days!!!

hopefully this wasn't you.

well, the booze cruise has come and gone. we all had a really great time on the high seas. 2Pz would like to send a BIG THANKS to erin macbeth (pictured here assisting one of her guests on his way from the boat to the after-party) for organizing and executing a fantastic event.

joel and kel-ly-how-ard (clap-clap-clapclapclap) won big at the raffle tables, everyone else won big at the open bar. and those koozies were a hit. see you all next summer!

keep your wristbands!

tom watson : hole-in-one

at the british open! boop...bop! right in there!

jay-z friday!

jay-z - feelin' it

brutus! you're ginormous!

look at this giant saltwater crocodile in australia! he's 18 1/2 feet long, and got his leg bit off by a shark!

awww CUTE!

here's the trailer for martin scorcese's 3D adaptation of a children's book. it's called hugo, it comes out in november, and it looks absolutely pleasant.
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