25 April 2012

who's coming with me?

i'm counting on you to come to this. mark your calenders.

stay with me (baby)

Legend has it that when Frank Sinatra canceled a New York recording date in July 1966 (he married Mia Farrow on the 16th), the three days’ notice was not enough to refund the booking of a 46-piece orchestra. Reprise Records made calls to producers, asking if anyone could use the date, which had already been paid for. Sensing opportunity, producer Jerry Ragavoy grabbed his arranger, and they hurriedly prepared charts for a song they would have otherwise recorded on a much smaller scale. Lorraine Ellison cut the vocal of “Stay With Me” live with the orchestra; the jaded session players fought back tears as she delivered what would go down as one of the most chillingly unhinged performances in pop history. via

thomas wilhelm, flim, and I at the drag race watch party

just kidding. that is manila luzon, the next to next drag superstar from season 3.

who's coming with me?

mccarren park pool re-opens june 28. this is a picture of it with real water inside. no word yet on whether you will be able to take turkey's nurks in for pool deck refreshments but here's hoping. via

love letter to coney island

robert kolodny paints this picture of coney island today. i want to go there. via

a british boy band

i know what youre thinking, when did one erection direction change their name and grow muscles? well, joke's on you. this is a totally different and separate british boy band from X Factor called the wanted. now you get to pick your favorite. I pick the ethnically ambiguous max george.

look at her go!

poppin' off.

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