28 October 2010

cute as always.

"Block After Block" - Matt & Kim by dustinnguyen

let go my nose plz?


helping hand


they are very nasty


Pee-Wee's Playhouse Theme

i want that.


ur bout ta git animal-bombed!!!

that'n's for joel.
puppy in a container.
happy hallowe'en!
don't try to trick me. you are clearly a corgi.
BFFs (hopefully!)
don't plz.
don't mind if i do!
see what i've got here?

you're welcome! which one was your favorite?

james franco in 127 hours


Robyn 'Indestructible' Official Video

i'm gonna love you like i've never been hurt before.

now that's how you make a music video.

check this out.

five minutes of audrina's mom drunk as hell smokin' a cigarette while bitchin' on a curb to paparazzi about her daughter getting the boot on dancing with the stars.

"and i'll tell you what. driiinaaaa is gonna fuckin' thrive. and she's got class and you know why? you know why? oh, fuckin' a, she's a polish catholic fuckin' full-on italian. not only thaa-aaat, she was raised right. and i don't give a shit!"

ugh! 11 biscuits!!

mimi's preggers.

more importantly, she's releasing a ChRiStMaS aLbUm!!!!

jesus christ.

ktp's new video for 'firework'. there are a million better songs than this on that album. i was certain 'last friday night' was next. that song is RIPE for cinematic interpretation!

this was a mistake. THIS....is how you make a video about body image. take notes, katy.

obama on the daily show

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Barack Obama Pt. 1
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part 2 - part 3

bonus link: i really enjoyed this article outlining the president's true philosophies, as revealed by his past influences.

interesting connection

i was watching glee with liz last night, and she told me she had come across dianna agron's (quinn fabray's) blog, and that it was pretty cool. so i was just checking it out, and learned that she has really great taste in music (read: just like mine).

interestingly, she directed a music video for 2Pz favorite, thao with the get down stay down. check it out!
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