13 February 2012

miranda lambert agrees that chris brown is a douche


the voice is awesome (are you watching?) and one of the best additions to this new season is cee lo's new kitty named purrfect. she knows just what to do with her paws. follow purrfect on twitter if you are so inclined: @purrfectthecat

its called a cloud tsunami and im convinced it wants to kill you

lots of cool weather pictures from florida.

is that your baby?


sing it, sister.

you can get gay married in warshington now! you have got to watch this sassy legis-lady's tender speech.

in related news, the smell jersey senate just passed a marriage equality bill. it goes to the state assembly or whatever next, and then governor chris christie promises to veto it.

that's a pretty good impression.


i...... mean......

thx carly!

who's the prettiest chow chow at the westminster dog show?

genghis khan, that's whom!!!
Martha Stewart has suffered some professional setbacks of late. But today was a moment of unvarnished triumph: Stewart's chow-chow, Ghenghis Khan, took the Best in Breed ribbon at the Westminster Dog Show this morning. What makes the victory all the more sweet for Martha is that this isn't the first fluffy puppy she's named after a legendarily fearsome Mongolian warlord. Today's victorious chow-chow replaced Ghengis Khan the First, who died in a 2009 explosion at a kennel club and training center for show dogs in the Poconos.
Ghengis II, though, is no pale imitation, and more than meets up to the famously exacting Stewart standards. We never knew until today that Martha was into show dogs, but we're not surprised she's doing it better than you are. (via)

thx starla!

y'allthanky'allallthatandapackacrackersbuty'allnot! youknowdat! youain'tgonsaysump'ntome!

more more more.

even worse.


deadmou5 PUNK'D skrillexxxxx on the red carpet

That smell everyone was reacting to on the red carpet last night was hot dance beef! Apparently Deadmou5 wore Skrillexx's cell phone number on his T-shirt to the grammy's. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhdanceburn!

who the f is bon iver?

Buzz feed has a pretty funny collection of tweets and status updates from after Justin Vernon won best new artist. My favorite are the ones that mention Kanye, because I'm pretty sure he knows...

Then there are the people who didn't quite hear the announcement...

More Like, Killer + Scofidio

I'm listening to Whitney: The Greatest Hits on spotify and the album cover makes me think of the 2003 Diller and Scofidio exhibit Scanning: the Aberrant Architectures of Diller + Scofidio.  Remember the "Mural" installation where a mechanized drill would randomly drill holes into the gallery wall?
Well, that show was exhibited at the WHITNEY Museum of American Art.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  I've got my eye on you Elizabeth and Ricardo.  You too Charlie.

greatest mystery of all

this is the last footage of whitney alive. what did that note say!!!

did brandy kill whitney houston? did monica?

did ray-j.

spotimonday ;(

if you feel like wallowing...

a whitney playlist.

always support starla

hey y'all! jic you don't remember, i will formally announce that our very own starla is going to run her second half-marathon in san diago this summer. she's doing so in support of fellow 2Pz correspondent, bun-bun, who's been cancer-free (and fancy free) for 22 months and counting!

starla's fundraising site is up and running, so start your 2012 tax year off right by donating to this ponzi scheme noble cause.


for the right amount of generosity, you might get a 2Pz t-shirt out of it.

poor piggies.

if you've ever been to chipotle, you know that happier animals are more delicious.
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