09 June 2011

rye rye and robyn


thanks jameson.


im really upset i just found this at the end of the day. guess i'll have to listen tomorrow.

joel just told me that gwen and the no doubt boys have some big news they will be announcing tomorrow. how exciting!

that makes sense

Joan Cronan got a big promotion. She's done a great job with our lady vols and now she will oversee the entire athletic department. We will still hire a men's athletic director, but if I understand the set-up, which I don't, then Joan will be his/her boss. And look who is potentially interested.


Casey Neistat is a documentary filmmaker with a show on HBO. He's also a biker in New York City, which means that he's the target of a crackdown on the part of the NYPD to try to make cyclists more rule-abiding. But when Casey was ticketed for $50 for not riding in a bike lane (which is not illegal when done for safety reasons), he decided to take a stand. He argued that he wasn't in the lane because there was material blocking the lane, and when the cop didn't believe him, he made a video of himself running head-on into such blockages throughout the city. (via)

look out!

Porter Flea

For Nashville and the Boro 2pz Readers- Check out Porter Flea coming to you by KTV on Saturday July 9th.

want two movie tickets for $9?

maybe you want to go see super 8 this weekend, or something like that.

click on THIS. buy it. then get your "personal link", post it somewhere like your blog or your facebook, and if 3 people use it, you get yours for free. pay it forward, amiright?

thx joey!

what would YOU save?

if your house was burning...

thx erin!

preggers. ;(

poor girl.
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