21 September 2011

you did it!

we would like to congratulate reader ChAd LeMoN!!!!111 for being the 250,000th idiot to click up into 2Pz!! he writes:
"I've only been reading your blog for about two months now daily (thanks to Sara Robinson) but luckily, my job is super boring and 2Pz gives me my mid-morning giggle each day!"
he couldn't have done it without us, and you are SO welcome, chad. stay tuned. we'll be announcing your sur-PRIZE tomorrow!!!


a new oh land song

from that movie where a little boy runs around shooting people.

congrats, meg and vomas!!

2Pz friends meg and thomas got married a couple of weeks ago. a little story:

five years (almost to the day) before this photo was taken, which features the now ubiquitous "VOM" face, our little thomas was visiting his friends in new york city. we took him to the tennessee alumni bar to watch what i believe was the first game after we moved here. needless to say, we overdid it.

in a particularly raucous moment, thomas lost his composure, and, well. he vom'd into a plastic cup. just a little. but it happened. he calmly excused himself and went to the bathroom to properly dispose of the cup. he is now and will forever be known as "vomas". the end.

extreme cribs

The enchanting village of Monsanto is located on the side of a mountain in Portugal and is home to an incredible sight. With houses squeezed between gigantic boulders and tiny streets carved through the rocks, the village's appearance hasn't changed in centuries. (via)




The Macarthur Fellows have been announced! Mostly it's a snooze-fest except for one of my favorite NPR hosts: Jad Abumrad! Congrats! Listen to Radiolab podcasts here, and read about the other genius fellows here. $500,000 over five years to spend as he sees fit. Maybe get some new shirts... Sucks to be Robert Krulwich, amiright?

You are the WORST!

Michele Bachmann told the nation that the cancer-preventing HPV vaccine was "dangerous" and now even less people are going to get their daughters immunized. link


what is holmes doing?

being held down as he gives neely her birthday card. holmes, what are you looking at? #imoverhere

happy birthday neely!!

is that your baby?

we spotted this adorable interception while patronizing brother jimmy's on sunday. he's never letting that ball go.


looks like bones is feeling better.

moe's  = nature's best medicine.

look what i found in our drawing files.

engineers are disgusting.

have you ever walked down the street bawling?

i wish i could say it was the first time. please do yourself a tearful favor and listen to this extremely touching interview of maurice sendak by fresh air's terry gross.
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