23 November 2010

kanye interviews rihanna

in a stroke of genius, interview magazine gets certified nutjob kanye west to interview pop princess rihanna for the cover story of their newest issue. read it here. really nice pictures too. via

QUOTE: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Michael Mullen

In your "Don't ask, don't tell" testimony earlier this year, you argued that the policy is a threat to morale, because it undermines the honor and integrity of soldiers. What led you to that line of thinking?

I have a very difficult time leading an organization—one of whose pillars is integrity—and asking people to lie every single day they come to work.

kelis has the worst timing

she released a music video yesterday. like there wasnt anything else going on that the music bloggers wanted to talk about. directed by rankin

it randomly snowed in seattle


thats officer Momo to you, sucker


BAHAha hHA hah H AHAH ha

from carly

kim's new song.

can you make it through the whole thing?

and is it just me or does she look pregnant?

UPDATE: omg she IS preggers!!

what is john's mom doing this week?

campin' out at best buy for her own firstness. she's going to get him all kinds of christmas presents from best buy at the black friday sale in 4 days. hurry up and get out there! you're all already late!

kanye west :: my beautiful dark twisted fantasy :: review

11 million biscuits!!!

i'm calling best album of the year, after 3 listens.start listening now and never stop.

fave track so far: "monster" (feat. bon iver, rick ross, jay-z, nicki minaj)

there are literally thousands of people on it, and every single one of them kills it. it is IN. sane.

things are happening...

....in south korea:
The South Korean military went to “crisis status” on Tuesday and threatened military strikes after the North fired dozens of shells at a South Korean island, killing two of the South’s soldiers and setting off an exchange of fire in one of the most serious clashes between the two sides in decades. (via)
careful, y'all.

thx joey.

alligators vs. stupid people and really stupid cat

this is funny. but why doesn't anyone exhibit a healthy amount of respect for those dangerous reptiles? must be florida.

thx liz!

nyc bike share

we're getting one!
New York City is preparing to set up the largest bike share system in the nation. The city is issuing a request for proposals for one-way, short-term bike rentals, a system that has augmented the transportation network in dozens of European cities as well as in Denver, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC.
“We’re ideal for it," Sadik-Khanhas said. "We have the density. We’re flat. Eighty one percent of people in the central business district of Manhattan don’t own a car. In this age of transit cuts, this is an ideal way to add to New York's transportation system." (via)
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