25 November 2013



stop what you're doing and think about this

you want this.

thomas wilhelm stumbled across this questionably styled furniture item for sale. did you want to buy a wire-frame side table to be depressed on?

throwing shade at throwing shade

aw jesus h.

More than 1,000 homes in the town of Washington, Illinois, were destroyed this week when a massive F4 tornado ripped through the area. Marc Wells owns one of those homes and filmed the tornado bearing down on his house, creating a record of what it was like to be inside the structure as the storm demolished it.
Wells's camera goes dark at around 22 seconds in with his house intact, but you can still hear the wind raging outside. At about 1:12 in the video, Wells and his daughter emerge from their hiding place and find the entire place wrecked. (via)
this is crazy, but josie needs to calm the f down.

that's what girls worry about, right?


also, did you hear that they killed off brian last night?

blood orange / dev hynes

THIS article in The Fader is one of the more interesting artist profiles I have read in quite a while. Dev Hynes seems like an adorable kook, and his comments regarding his relationships with Solange and Sky Ferreira are very revealing.

daily ri ri

rihanna and her mother are so cute. via.

Technology Will Destroy Us All

I have been saying for a while now that Miley's entire "edgy" look seems informed by her having joined tumblr. I would say her AMA performance is proof:

It's main feature was a kitty .gif singing and crying (literally) along with her. One problem here (I'm not getting into the cut of that swimsuit bottom right now) is that wrecking ball is kind of an ok song and a "serious" song and the kitty is making it more of a joke, albeit Miley is did much of the heavy joke lifting on this one, but at least it wasn't Katy's faux Japan mess
viz Buzzfeed

doggie death drop

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