13 October 2011

what do y'all think?

is matt saracen simms going to be able to help us look presentable over the next 4 weeks?
Tennessee is in for a rough few weeks, but Simms believes this movie can end with Tennessee getting to the SEC title game.

“For our own team to think that we should be counted out is ridiculous,“ he said. “We should be ready to go week in and week out no matter who the opponent is.

“We do have a tough road ahead, but this is why we play in this conference and you never know what’s going to happen. It’s unfortunate that Tyler and Justin did go down with injuries, but no one feels sorry for us and we can’t feel sorry for ourselves." (via)
this is going to be interesting.

how exciting!

i just learned that vanessa's dumpling house is coming to williamsburg, expected to open at the end of the month!
Signage went up recently for the Vanessa's Dumpling House branch going in at 310 Bedford, and it seems the dollar-dumpling specialist is aiming to open in late October. It'll be hot on the heels of fellow cheap-eats joints Crif Dogs, the Meatball Shop, and La Esquina, who've all recently rolled out locations across the East River.
If things go as planned, there'll be beer and wine to wash down the dumplings, which will probably go for something like four for $1.29, instead of the four for a buck you find on Eldridge Street. "It’s become a high-priced market over there," says Glaser, but "this is still going to be a very good buy."
vanessa's are my second favorite durmps in the city, right behind eton in cobble hill, which i miss terribly and might have to visit soon...

in related news, the internet also states that 2Pz east village fave mama's food shop will be opening on south 4th street this month. in the meantime, they're running a pop-up in greenpoint:
Announcing a MAMA'S POP-UP in Greenpoint!
@ Veronica People's Club
105 Franklin St
(between Milton St & Noble St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 6PM- 10PM
Fried Chicken Sandwiches! Meatloaf Sandwiches! Mama's Mac & Cheese! Seasonal Veggies!
Come get some!
don't mind if i do! click here for a whole list of east village transplants.

the 99 percent

this is depressing the h out of me. 

but y'all should take a look: we are the 99 percent.

in related news:
"Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself!" -republican presidential candidate, herman cain
just something to think about! 

please stop looking at me.

watch this "rap video" from tom hanks' son, "chet haze" if you'd like to experience "a horribly uncomfortable 4 minutes."

way to go, nashville.

occupying it up.
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