29 October 2010

does chris jones look like brian wilson?

UPDATE: 2 more days to vote. tell your kids, tell your wives, tell your husbands cuz they all need to be votin' up in here.

remember that post about the crazy giants pitcher? doesnt he look like my sister's boyfriend?

im going to make this a poll.

into the acid with you! muahahah.


happy halloween!

hideous hermaphroditical character.

created using actual quotes of the former presidential candidates. thx midge!

you need to just watch this entire segment.

this show is my #2 behind 30 rock. for the (probably not) last time, if you dont watch it, you should start.


This takes the idea of a haunted house and cranks it up about eight million percent. In Minneapolis, there's a Halloween experience that's called the next evolution of the haunted house, and honestly, it sounds beyond messed up.
It's called "Death." It's underground, because it would probably be illegal and impossible to get it licensed. And it's messed up. A reporter from the Twin Cities' "City Pages" tried it out, and may be scarred for life. Here's how he describes it.
You find out the time and place by word of mouth. When you get there, it's a vacant lot. As soon as you get out of your car, three large men with masks come up behind you, put a hood over your head, and throw you into the trunk of a car.
Loud heavy metal music blares. When you get your hood off, you see you're joined in the trunk by a recently killed goat.
They stop 20 minutes later. They take you out of the trunk, put the hood back on, bind your wrists and ankles, and throw you down. Then, the music stops and all you hear are shovels digging. No matter what you say, the men don't say a word.
The men unload a wooden coffin. They put you inside, close the lid, then bury you alive in the hole they just dug. They throw dirt on the coffin.
After about 20 minutes, the reporter doesn't remember exactly, he says it felt like forever, and he was crying, they dig you up. They take off the hood and drive away, and you realize you were right by your car the whole time.
There's no word on how much you pay for this experience. If you're interested, it's run by a guy who goes by Speece, and you'd have to go and ask around in Minneapolis to find out how to get involved. (via)

thx davey!

this is important.

a recent survey conducted with members armed forces indicates that on an individual level, most troops think serving with gays is nbd. the study is set to be announced in december (conveniently post-election, i might add), but the results were leaked to this guy, who chose to share them with rachel maddow.

what did jenny slate eat last week?

For dinner, I went to a restaurant on Atlantic Avenue called Jolie, and I ate escargots and beef tongue as an appetizer. And then for dinner I had my favorite thing in the world, steak tartare. I'll eat anything. I'm down. The only thing I won't eat is celery. I think it ruins everything.
I had a St. Germian–and-Champagne cocktail and I had a beer, then I came home. (via)
there's about a week's worth of this. it's cute, and she reps a lot of neighborhood joints (like sahadi's and sweet melissa!). she's right about celery, too. shit is gross.

i just finished reading and now i'm officially obsessed with jenny slate.

omg, snuffles, are you ok?!?!?!

"Yeah, it was really confusing and catastrophic in a lot of ways because it was a virus I had that affected my nervous system and I no longer had control of my responses to circumstances and events. I had this hyper-adrenaline and was in chronic pain. I had to go and see neurologists and physical therapists and do all of these tests. The nervous system, the brain and spinal cord are so mysterious, profound and beyond our understanding. When you’re not well and your body has these traumatic responses to illness, it takes so long to recover from that and have your body restore itself. It took months and months and months. It was really bizarre." - sufjan stevens

maximum balloon : young love

now that ive had time to digest, i wanted to share my favorite track off the maximum balloon album we talked about before.
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