14 December 2010

daily ri ri

rihanna (underneath the red wig) is back to rocking her natural color. people magazine wants you to vote on which look you like best, but i dont care and neither does rihanna.

still looking real good lady. via.

winter weather advisory


james franco news

yesterday james franco and david strathairn were spotted mere blocks away from kylie's house filming maladies outside the brooklyn farmacy. ive always wanted to try their ginger ale. if youre interested in knowing more about james franco, consider this:

1) he is turned on by rabbits

2) he watched a rent boy have gay sex with a client during a character study for a role in sonny

3) his senior thesis film is reportedly chock full of dicks

4) he has been creeping out film students at NYU for years now

5) he has a lot of internet stories about his random gayish behaviors, but he is not gay and has a girlfriend.

tweet power!

Twitter released a top ten list of the most "powerful" tweets of 2010 (click here). Included are tweets from @BPGlobalPR, @whitehouse, a woman who rescued herself when she tweeted her location when her phone wouldn't work, and various world governments.

But what was the most powerful tweet of 2010? That would be a tweet from @AnnCurry, host of the Today show that was credited with encouraging the US Air Force with clearing airspace so a plane full of doctors without borders could land in Haiti. All hail the great and powerful Ann Curry.

Good morning, good morning everybody, in the news this morning good morning. soup.

guess which celeb couple broke up

scarjo and ryrey are dunzo. their cumulative sexiness is now single. ready boys?

270 movies of 2010

start listing them, joey. (via)


they never made any sense as a couple to me n-e-how.

hot new serial killer!

right here in new york (on long island!)
The skeletal remains of four people -- one believed to be that of a prostitute who vanished in May -- have been found off a Long Island beach, and a police source told The Post that cops are now looking into the disappearance of other hookers.
Detectives, apparently fearing a Jack the Ripper is on the loose, are scrambling to investigate other reports of missing women in the area, according to The Post's source.
The first body -- found on Saturday in thick underbrush about 10 feet north of Ocean Parkway at Oak Beach -- could be that of Shannan Gilbert, a 24-year-old prostitute, the source said. The other three bodies were discovered yesterday. (via)
way to kep it profesh, new york post. the word "hookers" in the first paragraph!

this sounds like a case for dexter! brb taking down a craigslist ad.

jeopardy news!

This February, the show will televise a man vs. machine tournament involving Ken Jennings and a quiz robot. (via)
set your DVRs! thx john!

nErD aLeRt!

you will never believe this, but this is the ACTUAL wikileaks headquarters.
Pionen – White Mountain designed by Albert France-Lanord Architects is housed in a former 1,200 sqm Cold War bunker (originally built as a World War II bunker); an amazing location 30 meters down under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm. (via)
zomg, i love these guys!
thx lilly!

the wrong message

this little picture was on the wall at kismet's vet. i say , "YES ONE CAN!"

whats for lunch???


making christmas

"You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."

The reported last words of Richard Holbrooke, veteran US diplomat.

happy bearthday adam!!

28 bears old!! 

bear snuffles!

watch this

nymag has a snippet from that beyonce concert dvd. she talks about her thierry mugler costumes, the robot and animal nature of sasha fierce, and more. just watch it will you?

dont hate me because im beautiful - keri hilson

pretty girl rock

robyn performance

at the nobel peace prize concert. best dance moves.

jon stewart gets around to commenting on the failure of the 9/11 bill

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