10 December 2013

born yesterday podcast

ms. dangles told me about this highly entertaining and informative podcast and i've been listening ever since. there are only a few episodes, and a kickstarter to fund more, so feel free to binge listen. HISTORY!!!!

Where will the trolls go?

This loopy thing is going to be built in China, making it one of the world's largest man-made sine waves. 

NEXT Architects says it's based on the principle of a Mobius ring, as well as a traditional Chinese knot. I just hope they have helpful signage so you don't accidentally start walking upside down or something.

late pass from the mta!

the mta will now give you a note to prove to your boss that "omg the trains were toooootallly late this morning, gosh it's so frustrating, #amiright? but thats life in the big apple, right boss?" seems like a precedent i wouldn't like to set.

RIP, Baroness Elsa Schraeder

Eleanor Parker was 91 and three times Oscar nominated.

To me she will always be the MOST glamorous Austrian at the party.

2pzGifGuide - DJV

if it's prezzies you want, think about zingerman's bread of the month club.  the famous ann arbor bakery  (as seen in the five year engagement) sends you a different par-baked loaf of delicious bread every month. toops brother Matt got it for me a few years ago and it was awesome.

tired of crass commercialism? want to make your friends and loved ones feel guilty? baby elephants are all well and good, but if you want to help folks a little closer to home, take a look into DonorsChoose.org. It's a website that matches philanthropic donors (you-all), with under-funded school teachers (us) in need of materials. you can browse through thousands of projects and choose to either fund a full project or just donate a little bit. usually the donors get a ceeeyute card from the kiddies they help.

reply to david sedaris

A friend of david sedaris' sister wrote an op-ed responding to the essay sedaris wrote. keeks reported on that story earlier. It's an interesting perspective.
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