20 December 2013

Hungover Helping Cab Helps Drunks Work

I don't know bout you guys, but back in my 20-somethings, I would always end a drunken night by making myself some ramen noodles at home to stave off the effects of SoCo and Lime klassy drinks like Cosmos and martinis.

A London noodle company, Kabuto, is using this idea for good, helping drunks get to work the right way - in a FREE cab called Kab-U-To Work. It's stocked with hangover cures like Kabuto noodles, orange juice, sunglasses, and some British drug called paracetamol (I'm assuming it's British aspirin or something).
Kabuto Noodles has created the Kab-U-To Work taxi service, a London-wide package that sees you being ferried to work in the comfort of a taxi, while being served a pot of hot Kabuto soup noodles and fresh orange juice
The FREE!!!! cab service is running during the holiday season and may expand to other cities. New Yorkers would ruin it because there's too many of us drunks trying to get free shit, but they may as well do it here because when would I ever say no to a free noodle cab?!


if you loved six feet under, you should read this nymag piece detailing the inception of the series' final scene.
On August 21, 2005, the HBO drama Six Feet Under concluded with a seven-minute montage of flash-forwards revealing how each of the remaining main characters die. The episode, “Everyone’s Waiting,” was immediately hailed as the most satisfying TV ending ever, something the show’s creator, Alan Ball, still hears all the time. “People say they love it, that it was incredibly moving, that they watched it over and over,” he tells Vulture. “All those things.” As part of our micro oral history week, Ball and the scene’s other key players look back at the finale and discuss the Sia song, the process of aging the actors, and grappling with the meaning of life and death. (via)
will i spend my nine work-free days of christmas re-watching this show for the 4th time? maybe. maybe.

this, this, and this



and this

happy holidayz

Leibowitz - Holiday Card 2013 from Leibowitz on Vimeo.

from my roomie neil. she MADE this. at work.
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