27 March 2013

the rich lesbian widow stirrin' up troubs in washington.

if you're like me, when you heard about the upcoming supreme court case involving edie windsor and the $300,000+ estate tax she's being asked to pay for inheriting the estate of her wife, thea spyer, you thought, "those fancy-named ladies sound rrriiiiiicccccchhhhhh..."

...and you wanted to know more about their life together. nymag has a brief piece with an accompanying slideshow.
During this vacation—one of many—the pair tried to stay only in hotel rooms with water views. “[One] day, we were in the Piazza San Marco, and Thea kept protecting me from the Italian guys. Finally one of them said to her, in this strong Italian accent, ‘If you love her, kiss her!’ She didn’t, though. We were still young enough that we just hustled out.” They arrived back in New York the morning after the Stonewall riots. (via)
i hope edie gets to keep every last penny of that gay marriage $$$$$$$$$$$$

today in "why cant all commercials be like this?"

ponies + fleetwood mac = slam dunk.
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