26 June 2013

mi llamo kylie y este es mi DREAM BEAR.

i cant get this bear video to embed BUT YOU HAVE TO CLICK IT RIGHT NOW!!!

(his hands at 2:14 are proof that it's DJV in a bear suit.)

second round bloodbath at wimbledon today.

rafa nadal lost in the first round, and we are getting slapped in the mouth with a few more shockers today:

sharapova: out.
isner: out (injury).
the guy who beat nadal: out (injury).
#2 azaranka : out (injury).
tsonga: out (injury).
wozniacki: out.

and in the most upsetting news of the day:


i guess the grass was pretty slippery.


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard resigned Wednesday after the Australian Labor Party voted her out of its leadership.
She had called for the vote herself after months of inner-party friction ahead of a general election due in September.
Her rival, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, takes her place as party leader, after winning the internal ballot in a 57-45 vote, according to an ALP spokesman. (via)
whoy is thyis hyippenning?!?!

this movie is provocative and troubling


ruled unconstitutional. prop 8 ruling to follow.

keep up with this live blog.

mother of abortions.

read about the left's new political superhero, wendy davis.

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