27 January 2014

daily ri ri

this video of charlemagne tha god is floating around right now. in it, he describes what it was like to hang out with rihanna for one night. basically she is the coolest, like we all know. charlemagne is a nyc hip hop radio personality who i heard of when i was listening to this episode of the read. enjoy it all.

we are so lucky.


Only good thing to come out of this polar vortex nonsense


on game of thrones this would be a very bad omen

the pope and these adorable children released some doves and prayed for peace in ukraine, then the doves were attacked by a seagull and black crow. did someone check how many eyes that crow had? via


50 Cent caught up with Meryl Streep and Kobe Bryant after the Knicks-Lakers game on Sunday. (via)

they played hockey at yankee stadium yesterday

pretty cool. i presume one of the two hockey teams involved skated their way to victory. click here if you care.

maleficent trailer with lana del ray's once upon a dream song

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