19 August 2011

Friday is Pizza Day

New feature alert! Every Friday from here to eternity I will be rating a pizza place based on the following criteria:

Over-all look and taste.

So today I went to Mimi's Pizza at 84th and Lexington.

Out of 5 biscuits:

Crust: 3.5 Biscuits. It was crispy but there wasn't a lot to hang on to.

Sauce: 4 Biscuits. It was not too sweet and not too salty. It was a great compliment to the toppings.

Cheese: 3 Biscuits. It could have had more cheese. I think that because there were two toppings they skimped on the mozz. Typical...

Price: basically $4. More than I wanted to spend on a slice of pizza, but it was pretty big.

Ambiance. 3 Biscuits. The counter service part of the shop is a little skinny. There seems to be more emphasis on getting people to sit down at their table service spots.

Overall look and taste experience: 3.5 biscuits. they could simply improve their model with a little refreshing. I went in at 12:20 and the pizza looked like it had been hanging around for a while.

Also, parmeeeesian cheese was no where to be found...

Adele - I Can't Make You Love Me Cover iTunes Festival 2011

Again and again.

what is hank doing?

he needs a nap after that exhausting morning at the beach!



looking good.

check out diet coke's new outfit, in honor of coca-cola's 125th annibearsary. in stores this fall.

some npr for ya.

the history of bananagrams! no embed, so i included a photo from a game with thomas wilhelm.

here's his:


a history of the tappan zee!

what is hank doing?

"he ran straight through some kid's sandcastle, so in that picture we are making him lay down and take a chill pill." -erin

who will jason be

rosanna just loves this one.
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