31 July 2012

new james bond trailer

i thought tony martin was gay

but i think i had him confused with tony perkins. either way, they're both dead now.

thomas heatherwick likes putting things on the ends of long sticks, to great effect

the 2012 London Olympic cauldron is undeniably beautiful. i didn't make the connection until later that the designer, thomas heatherwick, is responsible for some other breathtaking stuff on sticks. check out a slideshow of all the olympic cauldrons beginning with amsterdam in 1928

this better not suck

CLICK HERE to listen to the upcoming fleetwood mac tribute album, "just tell me that you want me", featuring covers by best coast, lykke li, the new pornographers, antony, washed out, and many many more!

tell us what you think.

well, i don't much care for this, but i was reminded that courtney love and hole once covered "gold dust woman".

GREAT news!

nightmares DO come un-true! penn state never beat us in that outback bowl 5 years ago!
Penn State vacated 112 wins and late coach Joe Paterno vacated 111 on Monday, including one over Tennessee.
The Nittany Lions upset four-point favorite UT 20-10 in the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Fla., on Jan. 1, 2007.
The game is best remembered — and painfully so — by Tennessee fans for running back Arian Foster's fourth-quarter fumble that was returned 88 yards for a touchdown by Penn State defender Tony Davis.
The game's pivotal play came as the Vols were on the march looking to break a 10-10 tie that had stood since the second quarter.
Paterno, watching from the press box due to a broken leg---THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO THE STORY! (via)
we won! WE WON!!!!


starla's boyfriend may be illiterate.

check out some of his twitters:

good bye mama's food shop

When Kylie and I used to live in the East Village, one of my favorite places to grab dinner was Mama's Food Shop down the block from our apartment. They are closing their doors, and seem to be placing the blame on the rising rents and a "professional demographic" that has moved in and displaced their happy crowd of artsy lunch time and daytime customers. Also, according to Jeremiah Clancy, the owner, nymag is partly to blame because they started writing about newer restaurants in the east village that were “basically the same exact thing as Mama’s – fried chicken and a side – but it’s served to you by some hipster dude who has long hair and is 27 and has Steely Dan on the radio.” It sounds to me like Mr. Clancy has been chewing on some sour grapes.

Now, I loved Mama's when I lived in the neighborhood, and I agree that the East Village is a hollow shell of its former self, but I take issue with the blame game that seems to be part of this story. For one, Mama's itself was full of hipster dudes with long hair, and none of them invented the idea of fried chicken being served with a side. For another, they were almost always out of the side or meat that I was in the mood for. To top it off, the Williamsburg location that opened at the end of last year closed a few months ago without much fanfare. It sounds like there were more problems than just the neighborhood.

Keep your eyes on the road, Mama. I'm going to miss the meatloaf and mac n cheese. source source source source

30 July 2012

british diver tom daley presented without comment

starla's boyfriend ryan lochte slipped on a patriotic diamond grill after he won a gold medal

werk it ryan.

this is sweet

gawker has a video of the reaction of the parents of aly raisman, one of our gymnasts, as she goes through her uneven bars routine. they seem terrified. click HERE.

27 July 2012

watch brown bears eat lunch all day long

srsly just click here for a live stream of bears going to town on some salmon.

thanks jess!

oh my god we've killed him

the vice president of corporate public relations for Chick-fil-a died of a heart attack today. gulp.


dance hall days

did you survive the defocalypse?

one guy didn't:
The storm has claimed the life one man. Richard Schwartz, a prosecutor with the state attorney general’s office, was killed when lightning struck the steeple of Christ Church in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Schwartz was headed home around 8 p.m. when the lightning caused scaffolding to collapse on him. (via)
despite being well-informed thanks to 2Pz, i still managed to get myself caught in the dorito on my way to see batman (in cobble derechos-locos-death hill). g.animalz and i got so soaked that we had to skip the movie and go back home. thatz okay though. the odds of dying in that theater were pretty good n-e-wayz.

come visit me in memphis

i got this couch, so now you can come visit me. see you soon!

beyonce, what does it mean?

she posted this mysterious message on her website. new music maybe, or something sinister?

26 July 2012

Diana's SPOILER FREE review of The Dark Knight Rises

Was great but not as good as the last one, no one will ever top Heath's performance. Anne Hathaway was surprisingly good as Catwoman - her body is bangin'! I adore Joseph Gordon Levitt. Why couldn't they make Bane's voice easier to understand? I needed subtitles from that damn mask. And last but not least - after that ending, I need more movies! Come back Chris Nolan!

i can cosign this review, and starla completely agrees.

Starla's review:
2 constant thoughts during the movie... 
1) HOT DAMN christian bale and tom hardy have been working out 
2) where is 90W? can i see it during the aerial shots?

"well i better get out of here and start preparing for the probapocalypse"

did you know that there is 45% chance that you will wake up dead tomorrow because of the wind and rain coming out of the sky above? to learn more about your likely demise, follow THIS link. (the derecho is coming)

UPDATE: turns out the derecho was just a little bit of rain. no biggie.

paul watson is on the lam

“Captain Watson’s attorney reports he has left Germany,” said Susan Hartland, Administrative Director of Sea Shepherd. We have reason to believe from a reliable source that, once in Costa Rica, the Japanese Government may have sought extradition of Captain Watson to Japan to answer charges related to obstructing their illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. We have no further information and are not in touch with him. We will do our best to provide more details as we learn more. We will post any new information as it arrives and we are able to confirm its validity." via

Paul Watson, the captain from Whale Wars was arrested and escaped from Germany and now no one knows where he is and the Japanese whale industry is probably looking for him so they can turn him into an oil lamp or something.

be still my heart.

three bear cubs rescued by a nice lady with a ladder.

did you read cloud atlas?

i did, and when i heard it was going to be a movie, i had no idea how anyone would pull that off. if this trailer is any indication, it's going to be quite a feat. that is some cast. should be interesting, if nothing else.

i'm also glad m83 is in the mix.

weekend forecast?

vampire cloud attack.

what is holmes doing?

trying to punch his new baby sister in the face. 

neely had that baby three weeks ago, y'all. can you believe that? she says she's on a strict diet of making up for nine months of alcohol-less-ness.

jerk continues to be a jerk

that being said, the vols should get some kitties whilst the kitty getting is good.

and it sounds like they are.

36 days.

25 July 2012

thomas wilhelm on the booze cruise THEN and NOW

july 14, 2011

 july 19, 2012

another UPDATE

now the sleazy / hottie director wants to apologize via people magazine:

  "I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together."

umm, should have thought of that before you canoodled Bella Swan.

that reminds me

i meant to show you this video that suzanne and joey introduced me to the other night. sure, it might be the oldest news on the internet, but it's new to me.

and don't worry, it is absolutely SFW.

Le1f - Wut

thx mikeD


"I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry," Stewart said in a statement Wednesday. (via

thx starla!

the internet has suggested that kristen stewart cheated on edward cullen i mean robert pattinson

There are photos of her canoodling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, a married 41 year old hottie named Rupert Sanders.

24 July 2012

get out your umbrellas, here come the london olympics

are you going to watch the danny boyle directed opening ceremonies? are you looking forward to watching ryan lochte swim around in a speedo? during the booze cruise i got some advice from olympian erin donohue and she recommended that i set my sights on the shooting and archery sports or maybe sailing for Rio 2016.i've always wanted to go to brazil so i might as well let the US Olympic committee foot the bill, and BRING HOME THE GOLD.

i digress, lets get excited about london (someone has to).

look at this picture the nytimes associated with its article on the penn state sanctions

there is one face that tickles me. she looks like she is sort of happy, but trying to be shocked.

educatin' yankees

the new york times is again at the forefront of what's going on in the world.  and they're telling us how to make biscuits.  only they got some abrasive lady to yell at us.  now i understand paula dean's appeal.  at least she knows white lily flour is the best, despite it no longer being milled in downtown knoxville.

23 July 2012

nErD aLeRt!

rice university has shared with designboom 'twilight epiphany' skyspace created for the institution by american artist james turrell. the pyramid-like sculpture, architecturally devised by thomas phifer and partners, with linbeck as the contractor, interacts with both the rising and setting texan sun as a sequence of programed LED lights dance across the structure's ceiling in sync with these particular moments of light which occur with earth's constant state of revolution around the star.

in the morning, the light show begins forty minutes before the first glimpse of sunlight, where in the evening, the display begins with the slow disappearance of the sun's glow. 'twilight epiphany' joins in with the natural movement of light in its color alteration upon the building's ceiling, which may be viewed from both in and outdoors and in a variety of weather conditions. the color of the sky will be complimented by those pictured upon the underside of the structure's roof, though the most powerful views are said to be seen only from the interior of the space, as the brightening sky is famed by the brilliant shifting of shades belonging to 'twilight epiphany'. during the hours of daylight, the structure remains open to the public so that visitors may wander through the central space of the installation, closing only for the night.

'twilight epiphany' is planted as a 12-foot-high and 72 x 72 foot white roof parallel to the grass berm just below which steeply rises from the flattened stretch of green near the university's school of music. viewing areas have been built into both the upper and lower segments of the structure, offering a perspective from both locations which pictures the sky through a 14 x 14 foot opening in the square roof's central space. the roof of the skyspace is formed 'from engineered materials with a carbon-steel knife edge', says the university. while the lower seating area is crafted from pink and grey texas granite from mable falls, seating belonging to the upper segment is a poured-concrete bench system.


growing up palin

bristol's three year old palin spawn calls his aunt willow a faggot. "god's watching you."

fair is fair.

The NCAA has given an unprecedented and harsh punishment to Penn State football, handing down a four-year postseason ban and a $60 million fine for covering up the sexual abuse crimes of former coach Jerry Sandsuky. In addition, the school is on a five-year probation that slashes scholarships to unheard of levels and vacated all of its wins since 1998, when the cover-up began. The $60 million fine was determined as the equivalent of one-year of gross revenue for the football program, and that money will be used to set up an endowment to to benefit victims of child abuse. (via)

speaking of sammi sweetheart...

check out these regal kitties!

what is yella bear's corgi friend doing?

he just wants to look cool like he's smoking.

what is yella bear doing?

deep-throating his bone.


greenpoint is the new williamsburg

according to the always-on-the-tip-of-the-internet new york times:
On a scorching July afternoon, the frisson of hustle and bustle that delineates the weekday rush hour was in full swing at the intersection of Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenues, the dowdy commercial heart of Greenpoint. Horns blared, and unlike other times of day or night, when the traffic ranges from intermittent to invisible, pedestrians actually did have to look both ways before jaywalking. In this, the genuine Brooklyn, crosswalks are for sissies, classic apartments are walk-ups, loud is the default sound level, and burly men of a certain vintage still wear sleeveless undershirts in public.
Until Greenpoint’s artsy sister neighborhood to the south, Williamsburg, set a brash example by surrendering to glassy condominium and hotel towers and urbane renewal that yanked the cost of shelter in a Manhattan-ish direction, vinyl-sided six-family tenements were the backbone of the housing stock here. And century-old trees shaded the crumbling sidewalks. But lately the biggest shadow being cast in Greenpoint belongs to Williamsburg.
Vinyl siding doesn’t represent Greenpoint’s cachet any longer; virtual doormen, rooftop farms, artisanal gin and brick-faced condominiums do. The virtual gatekeeper is a prime amenity at the sold-out 93-unit Pencil Factory condominium on West Street, where the penthouse sold for just over $1 million, a neighborhood first. (via)
oh, just shut up.

thx liz!

vol me maybe

i hope that kiffin see me with all of this orange on.

bonus link : #teamnosleep (see how long you can watch before you have to look away in embearassment)

22 July 2012


shipping lanes

railway networks

slopes on the earth's surface

tree cover

click here for an awesome collection of data visualization maps.

too tsunami!

A tourist from Australia came to my uncle and asked if she could get a ride to the glacier just north of Ilulissat, Greenland, so he asked me if I wanted to be his translator. I am from another town where glaciers are fairytales, I was as much of a tourist as the Australian tourist, so I decided to join the crew.
The beautiful scenery was amazing, but the nature doesn't care about anyone. That day almost became our last day. (via)

20 July 2012

"the line"

Spanish photographer Palíndromo Mészáros took the eerie images in his series "The Line" in western Hungary, where a retaining wall around a reservoir holding an aluminum company's toxic waste burst in October 2010, sending a million cubic meters of deadly sludge into surrounding towns and countryside.

A$AP rocky arrested for getting in a fight and then getting in a fight

"TMZ reported that 23 year-old MC was taken into custody after he got into a verbal dispute with an unnamed person in downtown Manhattan. In the midst of the confrontation, two bystanders reportedly began taking pictures of argument. When Rocky and the unnamed friend notice the two amateur photographers taking photos, they confronted them and a street brawl erupted between all four men." more here

What's for lunch: public school birthdie edition

tuna fish sandwich and watermelon slices.
(not pictured: chocolate milk)

this song comes back and haunts my brain basically every week and i don't even mind

twerkin' on a headstand

shout out from beyonce: "BRILLIANT. I think he did this video better than I did. :) Love B."

what the booze cruise was like

that about sums it up.

happy bearthdie, djv....

just keep swimming, ok?

19 July 2012

43 days

"get in a guy's butt if i have to"  
is that what he said?


this grate at grand central was throwing up after that freak rain cloud yesterday. it got on people! i have heard it from a confidential source that someone walked through this trash water puddle and then went to thomas wilhelms house and put their feet up on the coffee table. true story.

architecture alphabet poster

if you make a $55 donation to this kickstarter you can get one for yourself.

i couldnt get all of them, but you can't either.

look what just happened on my phone


18 July 2012

the wire : lego edition


for joel

the best spanish speaker i know.

i guess the tiny fuppets are a thing, but nobody ever told me about them.

for djv (RIP)

a three wick candle?

for starla

don't not watch / listen to this.

brb listening to 'country grammar'.

17 July 2012

why would someone even consider this an appropriate place to put a dog?

spotted on west 22nd street in nyc

the best kiki video ever

\ thx flim. this kiki is marvelous. there are some titties and stuff in there so be careful.

beyonce and michelle obama love fest

love, beyonce.

settle down music video

they are ON it.

16 July 2012

no doubt - settle down

i feel like im in 8th grade again.

thomas wilhelm's worst nightmare

october 14th, y'all.

13 July 2012

zaha hadid designs an ugly boat

boats are supposed to be beautiful. this one looks like something leftover from a shitty james bond movie. also, who wants to lounge on a black boat? shit is going to get HOT.

hot slut of the day : this baby white bison

GOSHEN, Conn. — If one were asked to pick a typical home where the buffalo roam, the answer probably would not be Litchfield County amid the rolling hills and understated rural chic of Northwest Connecticut.
But when Bison No. 7 on Peter Fay’s farm gave birth to a white, 30-pound bull calf a month ago, it made the Fay farm below Mohawk Mountain, for the moment at least, the unlikely epicenter of the bison universe.
For Mr. Fay, what happened was an astoundingly unexpected oddity — white bison are so rare that each birth is viewed as akin to a historic event. (via)

what are you doing tomorrow?

joel, starla, and thomas wilhelm and i are having a 2Pz correspondent retreat at the BEACH!
(spoiler alert: we're meeting to discuss DJV's future with 2Pz...)

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