08 August 2012

aperol strikes their fancy

aperol is a delicious, albeit slightly bitter italian liquor. I introduced joel to it over bulgogi sammies at lokal months ago. now the times is finally getting around to drinking it too. You should try an aperol spritz, they are summertime in a glass.

nErD aLeRt!

one man's idea for a new high rise in nashville. what do you think?!!

i want one.

thx ktv!

2Pz favorite thing alert!

today, joel, thomas wilhelm, and i are all obsessively listening to a funny podcast called throwing shade.

don't not get on board.


check out this feature on knoxville in a little publication called "garden & gun".

my favorite line:
"Almost everyone thinks something should be done, but nobody does anything much."
i would thx rob if he wasn't capable of posting this himself. #lazy

oh hey zac efron

some new ad for jeans or muscles or something.

don't be hot-dogging

LENOIR CITY — Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray is scheduled in court today over a boating incident.
According to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer Dewayne Williams, Bray was driving a Jet Ski with a woman passenger when he was observed by Williams "hot dogging" with another Jet Ski.

i didn't buy a bearthdie present for thomas wilhelm, but if i had it would have been this creepy frank lloyd wright marionette

because i think it is exactly what he deserves.
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