07 December 2010

thirsty human puppy is thirsty


happy pearl harbor day!

dont worry, the NJ bear hunt of 2010 is almost over


really important breaking news


the band was kickin, and christian was the hottest guy there

RIP brittany

the go team + best coast

go over to pitchfork to check out this new collaboration.

what did you do for thanksgiving?

so, it's officially christmas season, but i have just been swamped, and haven't had a chance to tell you guys what my thanksgiving was like. and trust me. you want to know. now where do i start...
lilly invited me up to the ol' slezak farm in massachusetts to spend thanksgiving with her lovely family.
they have a ginormous barn!
there's a (defunct) chicken coop!
and firewood4dayz.
thanksgiving day was one impressive affair. i woke up to find a bonfire already burnin' outside. 
lilly's mom (judy!) prepared a 16-pound turkey on the same model of weber grill that i can barely make hot dogs with on my roof. and it was aMaZiNg!!
the spread, featuring the standout procuitto-wrapped sweet potata spearz. mmmmm. mm-mm-mmmm!
after the meal, lilly's dad (larry!) gave us a tour of his beautiful print studio / gallery, out in the barn.
now, i know what you're thinking, and you're right. there WERE puppies and kitties. everywhere, as a matter of fact! introducing....
louise! she sits like this. 
and let me throw the frisbee to her for hours (until she got tired, oc.)
anna's roommate, kitchen! she only has 3 legs!
gretta's kitty, tulip! one million toes!
and last and my FAVORITE: YUKI!!!!!!!
look at her!

gosh, i miss her. well, now you know everything. hope you all had half as good a thanksgiving as i did. now, on to christmas!

columbia has a drug problem

the cops busted a drug ring this morning in "operation ivy league." they bagged a gaggle of 20 year student drug dealers and their east village supplier. read the gothamist account; there are some really funny details about hair styles, failed modeling careers, baltimore style drug wars, and fratty morningside heights brownstone living.

something weird is going on here

i cant quite figure out what the story is. via. if you have an idea, leave it in the comments

remember this

Ended up in Rome, which is big and hot and dirty. It was just like L.A., but with ruins.

someone needs to take this bitch DOWN.

(via) thx lilly!

Justin Bieber and John Waters

new couple alert?

in UT arch news!

omg, some unknown publication ranked us in the top 20! and just BEARly!

#20 undergraduate program in all of america according to the "design futures council"!

auburn got #18. w2g, midge!
and look who finally retired!

an article about rabid raccoons in brooklyn.

Rabid raccoons in major city parks are no longer just a Central Park phenomenon. At Prospect Park in Brooklyn, a dead raccoon found near the lake and Vanderbilt Street Playground in the southwestern corner of the park last Thursday has tested positive for rabies, the city health department says.
Brooklyn has a very long way to go to catch up with Central Park and environs, where more than 100 raccoons have tested positive for rabies this year and raccoons are now being vaccinated. The Prospect Park raccoon was only the second rabid one found in Brooklyn since 1992, the health department said. The other was found in Boerum Hill in February of this year. (via)


Consumer Reports has a new review that ranks AT&T at the bottom of the list of cell-phone carriers, based on a survey of 58,000 readers. The top-rated carrier in the survey is U.S. Cellular, and Sprint and Verizon tied for second. (via)


First there was Steven Slater, the flight attendant who used an inflatable slide for his job walk-off. Now, the Steven Slater of dogs: a 12-pound Manchester terrier named Mandy who escaped her cage mid-air and went on a biting rampage.
Mandy was on a U.S. Airways flight from Phoenix to Newark when her sedatives wore off. Her owner's seatmate tried to soothe her, causing Mandy to fly into a rage: She broke free of her cage, bit the strange soothsayer, then raced up and down the aisle, eventually biting a flight attendant, causing the pilot to take an emergency landing in Pittsburgh "in the interest of safety." (via)
i really love that picture. mischievous!
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