13 December 2012

taylor swift - trouble

presented without comment. i would like to hear yours.

(if you cant see it, click here.)

thx starla!

hang in there


GIRLS is coming.

thx starla!

keekerz top 25 speakerz of 2012

last year my top 25 was 35 songs long, this year i got it down to 39.

top 10-ish albums to follow. enjoy!

for thomas wilhelm's eyes only

he's going to just DIE.

thx hannah!

how many other movies can you squeeze into one big movie?

the trailer for guillermo del toro's upcoming disaster flick, pacific rim. this thing's got everything: cloverfield, iron man, prometheus, godzilla, transformers, etc. etc., etc. also, does every apocalypse movie have to come with the inception fog horn toots in the trailer now? i don't mind it.

did you know tina and amy are hosting the golden globes?


internet famous dog receives best present ever


cute mistletoe prank


do you think you know when you see something cute?

well take this quiz and find out for sure.

stolen straight from carlygoogles' facebook wall.
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