05 September 2012

thomas wilhelm's spirit animal


i love this stuff.

jimmy kimmel is back with more kid-pranking.

ellen gets her star

and looks awesome doing it. (via)

this is my second favorite azealia banks song

it's 90's TASTIC!

how many references can you spot? tell us in the comments. i'll start.

did you see?

last night ted kennedy dragged his corpse out of the grave to deliver a mitt romney smackdown.

the snorks: a concert for creatures

A crossbreed and fascinating proposal by artist Loris Gréaud, The Snorks : a concert for creatures embodies an obsessive quest for abysses.

The initial inspiration for the project lies in the idea that creatures would be living on our planet, their aesthetical and behavioural features matching an alien fantasy in every aspect, thereby awaking the desire of communicating with those "creatures". 

What if they live within our oceans, major component of our eco-system, could we get in touch with them?

Here begins an artistic journey and production that will last 36 months. An unusual temporality that can be understood through the following paradox: we have the ability to go on the Moon, to date the presence of water on Mars, yet we barely know anything about what composes the tremendous majority of the Earth.

Loris Gréaud has then met scientists from the MIT of Boston. An astonishing revelation arose from that encounter and turned into the project's founding component: light, or more specifically bioluminescence, is the abyssal communication system.
While we imagine a world of darkness, it, in fact, shines of particles, trails and other luminescent bursts. The scientific community is definite; it is a real submarine firework that regulates life underneath 186 miles depth.
In light of this discovery, Loris Gréaud collaborated with the Group F to create in Abu Dhabi - on the Emirate Palace's Lagoon in 2009 - a unique pyrotechnic production that will screen on the sky what we observe deep down the ocean.

The same images are then showed in the venue that epitomizes best communication and simultaneous exchange: Times Square in New York -- for 120 minutes Nasdaq, Reuters and Panasonic screens will set a path for other possibilities.

At the same time, the artist worked with the international offshore station Antarès near Toulon -- a scientific submarine research base -- in order to find the way to interact with creatures.
Music, sequences of high and low frequencies are then perceived as the preferred medium. The concept of concert for creatures is born.

Loris Gréaud commissioned an exclusive music production to the abstract hip-hop band Anti-Pop Consortium in New York, where the first concert for abysses was recorded, in the iconic Avatar Studio.

The Snorks : a concert for creatures is a short film, a narrative fiction directly inspired by the initiatory journey that led the artist Loris Gréaud from Boston to Abu Dhabi through New York, Hawaii, Toulon and Los Angeles.
Two unique narrators recount that story between fiction and reality: David Lynch, who unveils a merciless scientific truth through a monotonous and insensitive voice, and Charlotte Rampling, whose sensitivity highlights the poetry and the sweet madness of it, while reflecting on what would be, what should be an alien quest in the depth of our oceans.

chloe - reading


copied straight from espn

Every so often you see a player whose talent is an instant revelation. May I present to you Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle (pronounced, Core-darryl) Patterson.
[+] EnlargeCordarrelle Patterson
Daniel Shirey/US PresswireTennessee receiver Cordarrelle Patterson showed his explosiveness Friday night against NC State.
In the Volunteers' 35-21 win last Thursday against North Carolina State, Patterson beat All-American David Amerson on a 41-yard touchdown reception -- and he did it despite running the wrong route.
Later, the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Patterson scored on a 67-yard end-around by outrunning Amerson, who initially had a tackling angle.
"I'm not surprised one bit," said Tommy Mangino, the offensive coordinator at Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College, where Patterson played. "Not one bit."
Patterson is one of the reasons why Tennessee coaches weren't devastated when All-SEC receiver Da'Rick Rogers was recently dismissed from the team (Rogers transferred to Tennessee Tech). After seeing Patterson against NC State, it's obvious why they weren't.
Mangino, the son of former Kansas coach Mark Mangino, said Patterson's skill set is mind-boggling.
"I've been around some football players before," he said. "But I've really never seen anybody like him. He can do everything."
Patterson didn't qualify academically out of high school, didn't play in 2009, but eventually signed with Hutchinson and became a two-time juco All-American. Just 4 minutes and 29 seconds into his Tennessee career, he scored a TD. Fun.
"He didn't come from a lot," said Mangino. "His mom and sister have been there for him. No father figure in his life. ... He's a great kid."

david byrne + st. vincent

reminds me of the time joel and i had a run-in with the murfreesboro police. album stream here.

nassau avenue is patiently waiting.

Currently, there are about 40 Chipotle locations scattered throughout New York City, concentrated in Manhattan, with one in Brooklyn and none in any other borough. That will change in the coming months when the chain opens shop in Queens, according to Edge of the City. Chipotle will open at 70-30 Austin Street in the space vacated by cupcake haven Martha's Country Bakery, which moved to larger digs earlier this fall. The new restaurant is among the seven Chipotles expected to open in the boroughs outside Manhattan in the next few years, including others in Brooklyn and its first (if all goes well) on Staten Island. (via)

just watchin' michelle

ceeyute! but whereTF is bobama?

did you see?

michelle obama's DNC speech from last night. what do you think?!
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