30 September 2013

HAIM - days are gone

i haven't looked forward to an album as much as i've looked forward to this one in quite. some. time. let's listen together and see if it's as good as i'm guessing. enjoy!

what is jacky scrapple doing?

wearing hoodies, like usual. 

thx jenny!

omg ctm ctm ctm.


scariest movie i've seen this halloween season!

omg watch this motorcycle gang terrorize an unsuspecting man and his family!


if you're gay, or a straight ally, and you're not afraid of carbs, then these are the pasta brands that love you and support you and want you to be happy

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27 September 2013

friday morning

eric berry, tryna start foolin with horses.

y'all remember how #VFL eric berry is terrified of his NFL team's horse mascot, and all horses? he's working on his equinophobia, and there is a video that has EVERYTHING (including swiperboy) right over here. don't not watch it.

"daaaaang, horse. like, i trusted you."

thx djv.

26 September 2013

wililamsburg is the new wililamsburg


i'm writing this trend piece about the trend i've caught onto of various new york-based blogs writing angry backlash pieces about trend pieces written about williamsburg. CONSIDER THIS TREND PIECE BACKLASH TREND COVERED.

you heard it here first. williamsburg is the new williamsburg. now and forever.

EMERGENCY! kitty kat on fire!

watch this firefighter save a little little kitty kat. meorwwww.


Guido Barilla the guy who owns the pasta company was talking some shit about gay families in a recent interview and went so far as to say "if the gays don't like it they can go eat another brand." Don't mind if I do, jackass!


happy birthday ms. dangles!

i love you!

25 September 2013

right again!

rape: it's your fault.

nErD aLeRt!

the nytimes is back with another hit-piece! today, they've launched a takedown of spanish architect, santiago calatrava, and after reading, i believe he needs to be STOPPED!
The Bridge of Broken Legs
In Bilbao he designed a footbridge with a glass tile surface that allowed it to be lighted from below, keeping its sweeping arches free of lampposts. But in a city that gets a lot of rain and occasional snow, pedestrians keep falling on the slippery surface. City officials say some 50 citizens have injured themselves, sometimes breaking legs or hips, on the bridge since it opened in 1997, and the glass bricks frequently crack and need to be replaced. Two years ago the city resorted to laying a huge black rubber carpet across the bridge.
“It loses the beauty, ” said Ibon Areso, the acting mayor of Bilbao. “But we can’t keep paying people who slip and fall.” In a recent storm the carpet flipped up, knocking several people off their feet. (via)

jimmy fallon, JGL, and stephen merchant in a lip-sync-off

i don't have a very high tolerance for a couple of these guys, but i couldn't help but smile through this.

24 September 2013

another puppy post

new sky ferreira music video "you're not the one"

werking and twerking

puppy gifs from the gawker comments section of an article about a brave dachshund (RIP)


merritt wever never fails to make me ctm.

"I wanted to thank everyone at Showtime, and most of all Edie Falco. And people at Showtime. I'm scared, honestly, because it was unexpected. I mean, I have therapy next week." (via)
i also just wanted to say how adorable anna chlumsky's legitimate happiness for merritt was in that clip. and how sour blossom looked.

i think this is kind of sweet.

salon's alex pareene tackles the tone issues of yesterday's nytimes feature hit-piece on 2Pz preferred mayoral candidate bill de blasio's social justice background:
Despite the article’s myriad problems of tone and its various insinuations, it’s a useful and interesting look at the background of the guy who might soon lead America’s biggest city — a city that has a great deal of money and also a huge, struggling underclass. It’s heartening, actually, to see the idealism of young de Blasio, especially for those who supported him but were concerned that he was perhaps just another empty Clintonite Democrat with a consultant-crafted “progressive” message. The guy actually does care. A romantic attachment to a popular revolutionary movement suggests a sincere commitment to justice. (via)

23 September 2013

i think this is kind of sweet

grizzlies #1


there is a purse for sale here that acts as an extra charger that you can use during the day.
granted, you have to charge your purse and your phone at night, but, it's still a pretty awesome idea.

20 September 2013

19 September 2013

did you know vin diesel could do this?

what are you doing tonight?

joel, starla, and i will be soakin' up the southern sounds of kacey muscovite and brandy clark, as it turns out. don't be jellyyyyyyyy.

i didnt know jared leto could do that.


thx starla!

i know what you're thinking:

you sure would love to go to the tennessee-florida game this weekend in gainesville, but you just don't have the cash. well some weirdo UT alum down there is offering a free ticket if you take his daughter as a date. on craigslist, of course. read this.

thx jess!

music minute with ms. dangles

17 September 2013

according to espn magazine the memphis grizzlies are the best franchise in all of professional sports

The rankings are based on eight categories, including fan feedback, which determines the best franchises for fans; bang-for-the-buck category, which tabulates wins during the past three years (regular season and postseason) per revenue directly from fans and affordability, which accounts for the price of tickets, parking and concessions. Other criteria include championships won or expected in the lifetime of current fans, stadium experience, fan relations, players, coaching, and ownership.

can you guess which celebrity is this hot guy's father?

guess in the comments and don't cheat.

imagine waking up and alicia keys and swizz beatz are having a party in your kitchen

An unnamed Water Mill resident was awoken in the middle of the night recently by an exclusive Alicia Keys party going on in her own house, "Page Six" reports. Keys, husband Swizz Beatz, and posse were renting in the neighborhood but had become "confused" and come home to the wrong house. The resident assumed the noise was coming from her twentysomething daughter and her friends, who had gone out earlier, but instead it was "a number of strangers, men and women" in her kitchen. "She was startled." Luckily, "All parties saw the humor in the mishap." VIA

been there.

have you seen UT's new music building?


your fortnightly boat

parbuckling maneuver : complete!

16 September 2013

what's happening to beyonce?!?!

Beyoncé's Public Tour of Incomparable Greatness and Alarming Indignities continued on Sunday night, as the singer was briefly yanked into the crowd by an overenthusiastic (or perhaps exactly the right amount of enthusiastic) fan during a stop in Sao Paulo. (via)

keekerz speakerz

au revoir simone's new single, "somebody who". stream the whole album at npr right now.

have you listened to britney's latest new single?

me:  have you listened to britney's new single
 Charlotte:  no
surprisingly not
 me:  i put it on 2pz for your convenience
 Charlotte:  ok I will go do it now
i read a funny tweet about it today
"finally Britney wrote a song i can relate to - being forced to work"
 me:  lol

your fortnightly boat

remember that cruise ship that tumped over a while back? they've been working on salvaging it, and today they're going to try to un-tump it.
Italian officials have given the go-ahead to an attempt to right the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that capsized off the island of Giglio 20 months ago, early Monday morning. The operation—a maneuver known as "parbuckling"—is risky in that its never been tried on a ship this size and once initiated can't be stopped. It's one-and-done, regardless of the result. (via)
here's a detailed description of the process, and here's a live stream of the salvage.

a lovely facelift for the new yorker

the video is annoyingly set to autoplay, so click here to learn all about it.

12 September 2013

what did thomas wilhelm do last night?

he had a little customer service problem and made some calls.

porter flea : air craft 2013

check out this cute video of nashville's porter flea, back in june. organized in large part by our bestie, katie vance. looks fun, and one day i promise i will make it!

blood orange - chamakay


10 September 2013

09 September 2013

new MGMT album streaming on rdio

active child - subtle

sounds like the knife made a baby with prince. (via)

rocket launched into space

last night NASA launched this rocket into space from a launching pad in Virginia. this is what it looked like from the top of the rock in NYC. coooool.

wait i think i lost my cheerio


your nyc weather forecast

from gothamist, almost time for sweaters!

Closer to home, a cool Canadian high pressure system sits over the lower Hudson Valley this morning, bringing us a cool, clear and dry day. Except for a few thin cirrus clouds we're in for a sunny afternoon and a high in the mid 70s. The high slips offshore and the wind will start coming out of the south overnight, providing us with a mostly cloudy Tuesday with a high in the lower 80s. 

Warmer, more humid weather is in store for Wednesday. Could it be the last 90-degree day of the year? The heat, humidity and an approaching cold front cry out for us to say there will be a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms starting Wednesday afternoon, and an even better chance on Thursday. Thursday's high will probably be in the mid 80s. Much cooler air is expected to arrive next weekend.

06 September 2013

toopz of the paaaaaasssst

just over 2 years ago (omg can u believe it?) we were preparing to survive the great green point flood and put together a list. that list was called FOOD FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE HUMAN RACE.

this is what we NEEDED

Seltzer water
Chilean Miner Chips-
tortilla chips
h0t d0gs
diet coke
pep jack cheese
frozen lemonades
mac n’ chz
chef boyarde?
tuna, sardines yum!,
dip! salsa, etc
ice bag

Ground Beef
Tomato paste (12 oz) tomato sauce
ricotta cheeze
parm cheese  
lasagna noods


red wine
white wine

styrofoam cooler
ouija board for seances
hunger games audio book 3
everyone remember to fully charge your cell phones and computers!




05 September 2013

blurred cosby

thx carlygoogles!

keekerz speakerz

i just love this new ylvis song. the video is a little silly, but it's worth it.

thx jenny!

keekerz speakerz

i just love this new TV on the radio song. video's a little silly, but it's worth it.

04 September 2013

butch jones wants the students to name their seating section in neyland stadium

i don't forsee this going very well. students are too stupid to vote. they're probably going to pick something like, the justin bieber/ one direction student section. actually i would support that i take it all back.

gina gershon as donatella versace

for an upcoming lifetime movie that is probably going to be better than it deserves to be. that queen looks fish

y'all know what today is...






happy 32 years, beyonce!

03 September 2013

prisoners trailer

i was talking about jake gyllenhaal earlier last week, then saw the trailer for his new movie prisoners with hugh jackman when i went to the butler last night with starla. prisoners looks goooooood. werk it and twerk it with those bangs jake.
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