23 July 2012

nErD aLeRt!

rice university has shared with designboom 'twilight epiphany' skyspace created for the institution by american artist james turrell. the pyramid-like sculpture, architecturally devised by thomas phifer and partners, with linbeck as the contractor, interacts with both the rising and setting texan sun as a sequence of programed LED lights dance across the structure's ceiling in sync with these particular moments of light which occur with earth's constant state of revolution around the star.

in the morning, the light show begins forty minutes before the first glimpse of sunlight, where in the evening, the display begins with the slow disappearance of the sun's glow. 'twilight epiphany' joins in with the natural movement of light in its color alteration upon the building's ceiling, which may be viewed from both in and outdoors and in a variety of weather conditions. the color of the sky will be complimented by those pictured upon the underside of the structure's roof, though the most powerful views are said to be seen only from the interior of the space, as the brightening sky is famed by the brilliant shifting of shades belonging to 'twilight epiphany'. during the hours of daylight, the structure remains open to the public so that visitors may wander through the central space of the installation, closing only for the night.

'twilight epiphany' is planted as a 12-foot-high and 72 x 72 foot white roof parallel to the grass berm just below which steeply rises from the flattened stretch of green near the university's school of music. viewing areas have been built into both the upper and lower segments of the structure, offering a perspective from both locations which pictures the sky through a 14 x 14 foot opening in the square roof's central space. the roof of the skyspace is formed 'from engineered materials with a carbon-steel knife edge', says the university. while the lower seating area is crafted from pink and grey texas granite from mable falls, seating belonging to the upper segment is a poured-concrete bench system.


growing up palin

bristol's three year old palin spawn calls his aunt willow a faggot. "god's watching you."

fair is fair.

The NCAA has given an unprecedented and harsh punishment to Penn State football, handing down a four-year postseason ban and a $60 million fine for covering up the sexual abuse crimes of former coach Jerry Sandsuky. In addition, the school is on a five-year probation that slashes scholarships to unheard of levels and vacated all of its wins since 1998, when the cover-up began. The $60 million fine was determined as the equivalent of one-year of gross revenue for the football program, and that money will be used to set up an endowment to to benefit victims of child abuse. (via)

speaking of sammi sweetheart...

check out these regal kitties!

what is yella bear's corgi friend doing?

he just wants to look cool like he's smoking.

what is yella bear doing?

deep-throating his bone.


greenpoint is the new williamsburg

according to the always-on-the-tip-of-the-internet new york times:
On a scorching July afternoon, the frisson of hustle and bustle that delineates the weekday rush hour was in full swing at the intersection of Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenues, the dowdy commercial heart of Greenpoint. Horns blared, and unlike other times of day or night, when the traffic ranges from intermittent to invisible, pedestrians actually did have to look both ways before jaywalking. In this, the genuine Brooklyn, crosswalks are for sissies, classic apartments are walk-ups, loud is the default sound level, and burly men of a certain vintage still wear sleeveless undershirts in public.
Until Greenpoint’s artsy sister neighborhood to the south, Williamsburg, set a brash example by surrendering to glassy condominium and hotel towers and urbane renewal that yanked the cost of shelter in a Manhattan-ish direction, vinyl-sided six-family tenements were the backbone of the housing stock here. And century-old trees shaded the crumbling sidewalks. But lately the biggest shadow being cast in Greenpoint belongs to Williamsburg.
Vinyl siding doesn’t represent Greenpoint’s cachet any longer; virtual doormen, rooftop farms, artisanal gin and brick-faced condominiums do. The virtual gatekeeper is a prime amenity at the sold-out 93-unit Pencil Factory condominium on West Street, where the penthouse sold for just over $1 million, a neighborhood first. (via)
oh, just shut up.

thx liz!

vol me maybe

i hope that kiffin see me with all of this orange on.

bonus link : #teamnosleep (see how long you can watch before you have to look away in embearassment)
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