17 July 2011

BRB Outside

While we were disappointed to miss J.'s bday trip upstate, A. and I took our own trip to the BERKSHIRES!

We went to David Chester French's House. He designed the sculpture inside the Lincoln Memorial. We also did some freshwater Kayaking. check it!

Here are some of the grounds and the tops of A's parent's heads.

This is a different Lincoln sculpture he did. It's a bronze.

They also have Contemporary Sculpture on the farm. Here's one I thought you would like.

Here is his studio. It only has window on the North side so that the light is consistent and NEVER direct. That point was hammered home.

Here are our noble vessels. A. used to be a waterfront instructor so she crushed me in a race. but it was just nice not to drown.

Hope your weekends were half as good as mine!
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