17 January 2014

Happy 92nd Bearthday Betty White!

Here is Betty White's house in the 50s. That dog is adorable but probably dead. But Happy Birthday Betty, you are still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found this and had to add it:

remember when her shoelace broke right before her go at the olympics!

this is an interview with the director of an ESPN documentary about tonya harding and the you-know-what with nancy kerrigan.  im going to watch that



last night the preds goalie used his fang fingers to make what many are predicting will be the "save of the season".

Oooh bitch I'm HUNGRY

Oh Latrice Royale. One of my absolute RPDR faves. No T no shade, but it's no Rupaul megahit. Oh well Latrice, keep on keepin on and GET THOSE NUTS AWAY FROM MY FACE.

Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing.

This movie looks awful but thank god something amazing came out of it.


Scientists Create World's Most Perfect Workout Mix

London scientists teamed up with Spotify to create the perfect gym workout mix, basing their selections on what's popular and on the songs' BPM (beats per minute). They start out with a little Katy Perry to warm you up, Gaga to rev you up, and Lorde to cool you down. Since I've become a total gym rat (HAHAAHHAANOTREALLY) I've been in need of some motivational tunes. I will say the mix is a little light on Kelly Clarkson, The Killers, and Shakira, but maybe they're not super popular in 2014.

BONUS CONTENT: If you want to follow my "Gym. Ugh." mix, you can find it here:

 Note: You can play it on Random, which is how I usually do it, or just repeat that "Steal My Sunshine" song over and over again. I won't tell.

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