05 December 2012

christmas lights in madrid

by teresa sapey (via)

BREAKING: coach corgnelius has announced his offensive coordinator!

thx ktv!

May I present, the new Tennessee football coach, CORGNELIUS

hmmm what? Jon Gruden who? Mike Gundy sounds too much like Rob Bundy. Charlie Strong, never heard of her. Give the job to Corgnelius, the cutest damn corgi on the internet.



the word on twitter is that louisville head coach charlie strong has been mulling over his offer to hold the most prestigious position in all of college sports: football coach for the tennessee volunteers!

folks're sayin' there's a UT press conference and / or a louisville team meeting in just a few minutes. therefore, we would like to make our official 2Pz projection.


elephants take a saw dust bath

PS. that baby elephant is 4 days old.

the more you know

If, god forbid, I fall onto the tracks or someone I am willing to risk my life for falls into the tracks and is knocked out - and a train is coming (lets say 30sec away) - what should I do? Are those pits between the rails by the platforms made for people to hide in in a worst case scenario?

The best thing you can do is run as far down the platform as you can (in the opposite direction from where the train enters the station) and wave your arms frantically to get the train operator and passenger's attention. Believe me, the passengers WILL be doing the exact same thing, as nobody wants to see you get run over and their train get delayed. If you can get to the far end of the platform, it gives the train more room to stop, and there is a ladder at the end of each platform where you can climb back up -- do NOT try to climb up from where you are. So many people have been killed trying to jump back up rather than getting away from the entrance end of the station.

Do NOT trust the pits between the tracks --- they are often right next to the third rail which can be just as dangerous (and note that the wooden planks are not designed to hold a human's weight - they are there to protect the energized rail from drips and weather) and the train operator is less likely to see you if you're in there. And don't duck under the train, because most stations do not have enough clearance for the average human. And do NOT jump down onto the tracks to try to save someone else. The best thing you can do is run on the platform towards the tunnel where the train enters so you can get the operator's attention sooner. Waving your arms over the tracks will tell the operator to stop immediately.

this is the answer the MTA does not want you to know.


UPDATE!!!   that motherfucker rejected us. fine with me. i never even wanted him to be our coach anyway. 

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has been offered the Tennessee head coaching job, a source told CBSSports.com Wednesday morning.
The 45-year-old former standout OSU quarterback led the Cowboys to a school-record 12 wins and its first BCS bowl appearance last season, and finished No. 3 in the nation. This fall, despite having had to play three QBs because of injuries, the Cowboys finished the regular season 7-5. He is 66-35 in eight seasons at his alma mater.
The coach's name has come up quite a bit this month for top coaching vacancies. Friction between Gundy and OSU AD Mike Holden has added to the intrigue.
Tennessee is replacing Derek Dooley who was fired last month after going 4-7 and having gone 1-14 in SEC play the past two seasons. Sources say UT hopes to have its new coach on board by the end of this week. (via)
not as handsome as derek dooley, but at least he's used to orange...

gay power couple

Mark Zuckerberg's college roommate and current owner of The New Republic, Chris Hughes and his butch boytoy Sean Eldridge have a huge loft in Soho they use for parties, but live upstate on a former Vanderbilt estate. They are rich and powerful and married and I am jealous. nymag nytimes 

a hutch is not enough


RIP dave brubeck.

sorry, dave.

inside Johnny Depp's new house in Nashville

looks real ritzy glitzy if you ask me

the grizzlies still have the best record in the league

beat the suns 108-98 in overtime at home last night

Go easy on the Pepsi Thomas Wilhelm

so cute it's uncomfortable

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