31 May 2011

today @ mulberry + grand

yes, those are fucking bees.

oh snooki.

explanation here.

leaked 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' trailer

david fincher's american version, that is, featuring a karen o / trent reznor collabo-cover of led zeppelin's "immigrant song".

what is sammi sweetheart doing?

killin' me with that face.

what is jazzy doing?

rollin' around in dirt puddles and getting herself stuck on top of the outside table.

get it together, jazzy.

thx dad!

nothing apocalyptic about that.

what happens at the beach in australia.

starla is going to get this pony

she promised me she would.

wall of complimentz

joel's birthday party was a bit of a blog crossover event, and the compliments were flowing like firefly.

"2Pz is better than dlisted"

"if you're in the sidebar of 2pz, you're kind of a big deal."

and i consider this one a back-door compliment to me:

"joel & bun bun's lack of posts last week really helped me get some solid work done"


one bear old!!!!11111 (and toes4dayz.)

Melissa: we decided to celebrate yesterday & today. and just so you know. she ate bacon for breakfast
and steak for dinner
Melissa: she also ate or participated in eating 2/3rds of a bag of oreo cookies

that sounds like such a wonderful first birthday for a puppy, doesn't it?

Melissa: i can pretty much get her to sit with anything in her mouth. ill tell her to sit and prop her mouth open and then tell her to stay & she just waits
me: omg

now that most of you are caught up.


vacation over.

am i right?
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