30 September 2010

bout damn time am i right?

and we made it to neyland! sorry it took me so long; had to climb those hills! isn't it lovely?

here's the new gate 21. kinda pretty i guess, and the new plaza is nice, but it's gonna take some getting used to.

and here's the new face of the luxury boxes and tennessee terrace (where i sat). we'll go in in a minute.

first, let's pay our respects to general robert neyland. he's the the white one the one in the middle.

we're up inside the tennessee terrace. lokk at those graphics! they're pretty big. jussayin'.

turn your head sideways and you'll see kylie's bicycle.

i can see hodges from here!

game time!

2 good 2 b true?

Ah, our government hard at work: Late last night, the Senate unanimously passed a bill banning extremely loud television commercials. Cable companies and TV stations are now required to keep ads at the same volume as shows, so you won’t hurt yourself when surprised by unexpectedly shrieky ads (or, like, even have to look for the remote and hit the mute button). Our condolences to the Defending Useless Annoying Things lobby for not getting that filibuster organized in time. from nymag

daily ri ri

rihanna says thank you to us... the rihanna navy. woot.

guys agains you serving

thx carly.

gameover, pack. it. in.

people just cannot stop talking about how auburn is the best AND super classy. here are some quotes from an article in the daily gamecock, the student newspaper of the university of south carolina, about how auburn truly is the loveliest village on the plains :

"it almost felt like there was a planned hospitality committee in this gorgeous, quaint town on the plains. we all were in awe- the only rude fans we saw were wearing garnet and black."

"jordan-hare stadium was an incredible experience due to a raucous crowd, a fantastic gameday environment and a gorgeous eagle that swooped over the stadium and sat on the sideline."

"this small town was the best of the best. before the game, friends told us all the campus was like clemson. not true. this place was pristine with class. it had character. and the people had character. they even recycled."

"thank you, auburn. you set the standard for what SEC football should be. if we have to lose, we'll lose there every time. from what we saw, you gave us the best of the south and the best college football has to offer."
you are entirely welcome!

and i know starla will love to hear what they thought of poopy old georgia :

"sure, other schools are rude. LSU and georgia are among the worst."
omg, tmai! this is perhaps the finest piece of journalism i have ever laid my eyes on.

well, i said it once, and i'll say it again, SUCK ON IT!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! we are kla$$ier than you can ever hope to be. way more kla$$i than a bunch of dumb old gamedicks. so just give up and go home! take a lesson from auburn on how to behave bitches!!!! YEAH!!!! WAR EAGLE!!!!


ink is beautiful

how ink is made, by the printing ink company (via)

jimmy fallon and justin timberlake : a history of rap

really fun actually. via. that justin timberlake, he is good at most everything.
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