04 March 2013

nErD aLeRt!

here are the latest renderings from the ongoing quest to ruin the north brooklyn waterfront:
When Two Trees plunked down $185 million to buy the Domino Sugar Factory development site last summer, the already-approved plans for four-towers and 2,200 apartments were universally hated. The hulking buildings were bland and boxy, so Two Trees went to SHoP Architects (is there any major project these guys don't get?) and asked them to make it better—and by God, they did. Here now, we bring you the first renderings of the new New Domino. The number of apartments is the same, but SHoP added 60 percent more open space, two office buildings, a school, and more community amenities. SHoP principal Vishaan Chakrabarti and Two Trees Director of Special Projects David Lombino shared the 3.3 million-square-foot plan with us, detailing how this mega project is fundamentally different from the Brooklyn waterfront developments that came before it. (via)
i don't hate the architecture. if we've got to put some huge buildings right there, it'd be nice if they were kind of cool.

this was brought to my attention by thomas wilhelm, who raises an excellent question: how are all these people going to get to work, the L TRAIN?!?!

aaaaaaaaHAH AHaHAHAhAHA HA ahAH!!!

oh yeah. this please.

check out this baby b-girl going hamburger on an older boy in a breakdancing competition for babies. her entrance move is how i go from my bed to the shower each morning, jicyww.

monday morning desk cry

i had no idea that this song i loved was about hoping your grandma doesn't die.

here's the original, electrified version.

and i recommend checking out autre ne veut's whole album. it's excellent.
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