06 May 2011

song of the summer : candidate # 2

CATS of war!

this is really funny.

thx davey!

old-timey gchatz w/ joel

while searching my gmail for an answer to the age-old question, "do you remember which one of our friends' cat committed suicide by jumping from a balcony?", i found this:

Joel: want to help pick out a puppy for my mom
me: yes please
(dated 09/30/08)


(the answer was gururas, btdubs, although i could've sworn it was adrienne.)

gchatz w/ starla

me: well
tell me what happened
starla: well i am a little fuzzy on how we met
but i found a random drunk girl on the subway
i thought she went to uga
so i wanted to help her
me: ctm
starla: took her back to my apartment
she didnt make it back
bc she vommed all over herself
me: oh no
outside or inside?
starla: outside on the sidewalk
me: thats good
starla: in front of my building
so my neighbors called the police
me: omg
did the police come?
starla: yes, then an ambulance
she was dead weight, couldnt walk or talk
i looked super creeps, like a kidnapper
me: lol
starla: bc i didnt know her name
but i didnt want to leave her in the subway
if i was thinking straight, i would have taken her upstairs at houston, rummaged through her phone and called a friend
but in my head since i thought she went to uga
i was like "i'll let this girl sleep on my couch"
so i couldnt get her off the subway at my stop
and so we went down to south ferry where a guy had to help me carry her
me: wow
thats an incredible story
starla: yep
the cops were real confused as how i came to have this girl in my possession
my neighbors were like "quit talking"
i guess my story was changing
they were disgusted
bc this chick was throwing up mexican food
me: hahahaha

soldier puppies.

you know how ALLEGEDLY there was a dog on the OBL mission? pretty cute, i know. you should read / look at this photo essay about military dogs. the photos are really touching.

thx erin baker, who sent me this article about "doggles".


omg jersey floor. this is the second episode, and tina fey and amy poehler are in it!


this is a showjumping bunny. would you like to see more? thx suz!
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