02 October 2012

idiot republican brad staats wants to represent nashville in congress and posts a picture of a gun on facebook with the caption, "welcome to tennessee mr. obama"

story here

new solange music

losing you is the latest from beyonce's little sister with all the indie cred

sahara davenport is DEAD

there were a bunch of tweets flying around last night about season 2 RuPaul's Drag Race contestant (and boyfriend of season 3 contestant Manila Luzon) Sahara Davenport (nee Antoine Ashley) passing away. so sad. flim sums it up: "same feeling when lisa left eye lopez died"

the weird thing is that no one is reporting how antoine died.

your fortnightly boat

this ferry in hong kong tumped right over and now 36 people are dead.

remember this when staten island tries to trick you into visiting, ok?

the glittery side of swizz beats

the times paints a picture of the producer as an art connoisseur and budding painter. he claims to have introduced baquiat to the hip hop world. he keeps an art studio near gpp and makes pictures.

"The walls of the studio were covered with Mr. Dean’s recent work. Most are large sheets of paper printed with black-and-white images of 1980s icons like Grace Jones and Marvin Gaye. Using stencils and paint, he adds Givenchy logos, birds, glitter and streaks of paint."

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