30 January 2014

Just realized Tina Fey and Anna Kendrick have similar face shapes

Also, here's a nice little Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee full episode vid.



super vols


28 January 2014

i ain't gon do it

i don't understand.

vin diesel posted this video of himself dancing to "drunk in love" to his facebook account.

27 January 2014

daily ri ri

this video of charlemagne tha god is floating around right now. in it, he describes what it was like to hang out with rihanna for one night. basically she is the coolest, like we all know. charlemagne is a nyc hip hop radio personality who i heard of when i was listening to this episode of the read. enjoy it all.

we are so lucky.


Only good thing to come out of this polar vortex nonsense


on game of thrones this would be a very bad omen

the pope and these adorable children released some doves and prayed for peace in ukraine, then the doves were attacked by a seagull and black crow. did someone check how many eyes that crow had? via


50 Cent caught up with Meryl Streep and Kobe Bryant after the Knicks-Lakers game on Sunday. (via)

they played hockey at yankee stadium yesterday

pretty cool. i presume one of the two hockey teams involved skated their way to victory. click here if you care.

maleficent trailer with lana del ray's once upon a dream song

24 January 2014

sarah silverman gets real with jesus

PSA. www.ladypartsjustice.com

23 January 2014

d'angelo's in the studio, y'all.


well i'm definitely watching this.

chloe sevigny has a new cop show coming out, called those who kill.

it seems it's time to turn our attention to sochi

here's what the americans will be wearing to the opening ceremonies.

most folks dont care for it. what do you think?

22 January 2014

be careful out there on the ice - even penguins fall down

if you keep your eyes crossed until jenny lewis' next album comes out, your eyes probably won't get stuck that way because it will be soon.

as in, definitely probably sometime in the future of this year. via. in the meantime, maybe you could listen to the soundtrack of this indie anne hathaway movie. apparently they are friends

set your tivos

never forget tonight is the premiere of broad city!


do you need a reason to cheer for #VFL peyton manning in the super bowl?

this article contains about a million:
I never completely comprehended the limitations his cervical spine injury and the legacy of four surgeries imposed on him. Prior to surgery, the neurologic damage to his throwing arm led him to be unable to throw an eight yard pass. After the surgery, his pain was better, but his nerve damage persisted. His coaches and trainers were scared for him. According to Jenkins, his former offensive coordinator at Tennessee said,
“He was so out of whack, I had to ask him to quit throwing. He was on his way to hurting himself…He had to rebuild his mechanics from the ground up. He had to relearn everything.”
Manning and everyone around him couldn’t help but think that perhaps he would never recover. And to add insult to injury, in the midst of this physical and emotional crisis, the Indianapolis Colts cut him. The Super Bowl winner and living legend was released from the team he never wanted to leave. Peyton would graciously thank his owners, his team and his fans, he would move to Denver, and he would come back. Incredibly. (via)
and FYI, we here at 2Pz generally pick our super bowl favorite using the scientific which-team-has-the-most-vols formula. here are the results:
2014 Robert Ayers DL Denver Super Bowl XLVIII
2014 Britton Colquitt P Denver Super Bowl XLVIII
2014 Malik Jackson DL Denver Super Bowl XLVIII
2014 Peyton Manning QB Denver Super Bowl XLVIII
2014 Tony McDaniel DL Seattle Super Bowl XLVIII
broncos win 4-1. pretty definitive!

a history of northern new jersey sour grapes about new york teams playing at the meadowlands

in honor of the upcoming new york/ new jersey superbowl that is definitely taking place in new jersey. click HERE

if you're coming to the ANIMALS show this week, read this first

INTERVIEW magazine just released this preshow review of The Baroness is the Future. Kanye West is on the cover, nbd.

They even mention the set in a way that isn't negative!!! #winning

Tickets for the show at Dixon Place are available here, or at the door.

congrats Ms. Dangles!!
you continue to look good in print.

21 January 2014

spoiler alert, jennifer lawrence.

this reporter spoils homeland for jennifer lawrence and she calls her "a monster". it's priceless. joel, you can't watch this because you haven't finished your homeland.



20 January 2014


is it 2018 yet?

i just heard that ken burns is working on a 5-part PBS documentary about country music, set to air four years from now!

this gave me the giggles... pubLIZity

jeally beanz

the PSA that david lynch shot for nyc in 1991. spooky scary.

rats have little tiny people hands

omg did y'all see this?

i LOLOLOLOLOL'd the whole way through.
"I don’t even know how to talk about it — it was like a fever dream," Williams said. "And the way they edited it is so beautifully weird." She had yet to talk to Brickell about the video when we spoke, but she had warned Brickell's husband, Paul Simon, about it. "I met [him] right after I’d shot the video, and I told him, 'You’ve gotta tell your wife that this is coming, because she’s going to notice an uptick in ‘What I Am’ attention and I may have something to do with it.' I do it with love — just tell her that.” That same night "he came up to me and he was like, 'I told her,'” Williams continues. "I was like, 'What?' He was like, 'Yeah, I called her. She’s excited.'" (via)

17 January 2014

Happy 92nd Bearthday Betty White!

Here is Betty White's house in the 50s. That dog is adorable but probably dead. But Happy Birthday Betty, you are still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found this and had to add it:

remember when her shoelace broke right before her go at the olympics!

this is an interview with the director of an ESPN documentary about tonya harding and the you-know-what with nancy kerrigan.  im going to watch that



last night the preds goalie used his fang fingers to make what many are predicting will be the "save of the season".

Oooh bitch I'm HUNGRY

Oh Latrice Royale. One of my absolute RPDR faves. No T no shade, but it's no Rupaul megahit. Oh well Latrice, keep on keepin on and GET THOSE NUTS AWAY FROM MY FACE.

Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing.

This movie looks awful but thank god something amazing came out of it.


Scientists Create World's Most Perfect Workout Mix

London scientists teamed up with Spotify to create the perfect gym workout mix, basing their selections on what's popular and on the songs' BPM (beats per minute). They start out with a little Katy Perry to warm you up, Gaga to rev you up, and Lorde to cool you down. Since I've become a total gym rat (HAHAAHHAANOTREALLY) I've been in need of some motivational tunes. I will say the mix is a little light on Kelly Clarkson, The Killers, and Shakira, but maybe they're not super popular in 2014.

BONUS CONTENT: If you want to follow my "Gym. Ugh." mix, you can find it here:

 Note: You can play it on Random, which is how I usually do it, or just repeat that "Steal My Sunshine" song over and over again. I won't tell.

16 January 2014

RIP Babygirl

which muppet are you

i am a snowth and ms. dangles is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.

  find out yours and leave it in the comments.

15 January 2014

american horror story season 4 tease

American Horror Story: Coven is beginning to wrap up its phenomenal season (tonight’s episode is a doozy) but co-creator Ryan Murphy has already begun plotting and planning his fourth installment of the FX franchise…as well as peppering the final episodes with tiny hints as to next year’s plot. “It’s set in 1950,” Murphy reveals exclusively to EW. “If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!” (via)

you guys, let's whisper.

If you're older than 25, you may not have heard of Whisper. But the app — already popular among high-school and college students across the country — is quickly becoming the most interesting social network around. It allows people to post anonymous Whispers (photos with a line or two of text overlaid on them, in the style of a Reddit image macro) which can then be "hearted" or replied to by other users. Users can view popular Whispers, Whispers with a common keyword, or Whispers posted from a nearby location. (via)

is this the new wet hot american summer?

david wain and michael showalter have teamed up again, this time with a parody of a romantic comedy starring paul rudd and amy poehler. sounds great!

click here to watch a trailer.

this is magic

bill de blasio eats chipotle


winter is here.

good news

Christine McVie retired from Fleetwood Mac over 15 years ago, and now, she's coming back to the band. During a concert in Hawaii last night, Mick Fleetwood told the audience, "This is the worst kept secret there is, but Christine McVie will be rejoining Fleetwood Mac". (via)

i wish i had a cough so i could eat these softish cough drops recommended by martha stewart

people on twitter had a strong reaction to this commercial that played during the golden globes.

Blaze the Husky does not want to go kennel


did you catch that brand new jenny lewis song in the GIRLS premiere?


kylie wanted to show you this, but she failed

14 January 2014

vine magic

magic is so cool you guys

i want / deserve this.


thx ktv!

rupauls drag race season six trailer - start your engines

who were those hot golden globes presenters

from left to right: Taylor Kinney, Amber Heard, Jesse Spencer

that is Lady Gaga's boyfriend, Johnny Depp's girlfriend, and some random Australian tv actor who isn't dating anyone more famous than he is.

13 January 2014

Something Is Happening!!!

Jerry Seinfeld & Jason Alexander Are At Tom's Restaurant Right Now

via gothamist

the best


happy bearthdie starla

09 January 2014

big tobi's 2014 resolution

to let himself be loved.

the right way.

new television i'm probably going to watch

Thrift Hunters on Spike TV debuts Jan. 18 at 9:30. On Spike. You know, TV for dudes?

Now, I know these shows are a dime a dozen, but this one is of particular interest to me since I do this kind of thing as a hobby/2nd income. Humiliatingly, I belong to some thrifting Facebook groups and some people are all nervous that the Thrift Hunters are going to spoil all the secrets for everyone. I'm OK with it as long as no one goes to my secret thrifting hidey holes. 

ole miss plays auburn tonight.

This happened last time the two met. unfortunately, everyone's [least]favorite rebel is on the bench.

there's so much good in this gif, but i think the old guy is my favorite.

you heard it here second...

Coach James Franklin has forsaken Vanderbilt for a
new job at Penn State. espn says so

new television i'm probably going to watch

the spoils of babylon starts tonight on IFC.
The six-part series, which begins on Thursday night on IFC with two half-hour episodes, is a broad parody of those overblown mini-series of yore in which wealthy clans lived vapid lives full of steamy melodramatics. It is from Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die shop and features Mr. Ferrell as Eric Jonrosh, an overweight author who introduces each episode, Orson Welles-like, explaining the torturous history of his efforts to bring his “Spoils of Babylon” novel to the small screen.
Tim Robbins is amusing as Jonas Morehouse, the patriarch of an oil-rich clan that includes his daughter, Cynthia (Kristen Wiig), and a young man named Devon (Tobey Maguire), whom Jonas quite literally finds on the side of the road in West Texas in 1931 and welcomes into the family as a son. Cynthia and Devon have the hots for each other, and decades’ worth of preposterous complications result. Val Kilmer, Jessica Alba, Haley Joel Osment and other fairly well-known stars turn up to nudge the story along. (via)
it looks weird, but you can't not watch with all those people in it.

new television i'm probably going to watch

True Detectives on HBO, starring Woody from Cheers and T-Rex Arms McConaughey. I read this review and now I'm probably going to watch. Soupy Sundays (make soup on Sunday and watch tv with your friends).


inspired by kid fury. here's a helpful playlist with explicit versions ONLY.

08 January 2014

meryl streep and emma thompson are adorable and probably better feminists than beyonce

emma thompson won an acting award last night. meryl streep presented the award and delighted the audience with a thoughtful and very touching speech praising her friend and decrying racism and prejudice in the arts.READ IT BITCH.

What We Have All Been Waiting For...

On 25th March 2014, Future Islands will release Singles
their debut album for 4AD via: pitchfork


thats right, I said it!

In non-Beyonce news: Obie the Dachsund puppeh lost all his weight.
For the article click here!
For a video of the workouts click here!

but if you really want a thoughtful critical analysis of beyonce's beyonce...

...then just please listen to this 2-hour-long breakdown by what might be my new favorite podcast, the read. emilube recommended it but she doesn't even read this blog so don't give her any credit.

it fills me with joy that we're still talking about beyonce's beyonce. let's talk about it forever ok?

speaking of chimamanda ngozi adichie

after the release of beyonce's beyonce, i listened to chimamanda on fresh air. i just wanted to know more about who she was and where she came from, and it was very informative in regards to those things. i meant to recommend it to you personally, but i forgot. click here if you are interested!

Best Thing On The Beyonce Album is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

So as everyone has already stated Beyonce's "feminism" on her latest album is extremely contradictory and problematic - Mia McKenzie outlines a lot of the issues and the critiques of the album, the critiques of the critiques and also acknowledges that we can all still love Beyonce and critique the message in the work.
Anyway, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Ted Talk on feminism, which was sampled on the album, is pretty great and worth a full listen. The interesting part to me is that she talks about this notion of "bottom power." Adichie says:"Some people will say, 'Oh, but women have the real power, bottom power.' And for non-Nigerians, “bottom power” is an expression in which I suppose means something like a woman who uses her sexuality to get favors from men. But “bottom power” is not power at all. Bottom power means that a woman simply has a good root to tap into, from time to time, somebody else’s power." What I find interesting is that, to me, this is the issue with the feminism in Beyonce's work. Beyonce is sort of just wielding “bottom power” and not really subverting or negating male power, if you think about it all the more sexual songs are written from that point of view. I wonder if Beyonce got to that point of the lecture and what she thinks about it? Yonce e-mail us plz!

"that pile of garbage saved her life"

a lady in new york fell three stories from her fire escape while she was trying to escape a fire survived relatively uninjured because she landed in a pile of uncollected trash bags. hahahahahah.

What is a Polar Vortex?

It's cold as hell, that's what. How are all our readers? This polar Vortex was cold enough for Robert Vick, an escaped convict, to turn himself back into authorities. #CTM. Bet he wasn't expecting minus 20 wind chill when he escaped in Lexington, KY the other day.
If you are seriously interested in what a polar vortex is you can read here, but in a nutshell it belongs at the North Pole with Santa and needs to go back home.

Speaking of Santa! What were your favorite gifts of 2013?

07 January 2014

speaking of xtra ceeyute

this kid brought a sign to a jay-z show that said "can i rap for you?" and jay-z let him!


this golden retriever, genetically engineered by japan for extra cuteness, does an impression of a siren.

and it is xTrA cEeYuTe!!!!1111

tim tebow guessed correctly to within one point (jesus)


06 January 2014

dont turn away LOOK AT ME

The Baroness is the Future, a new piece by the ANIMALS performance group. The designers.

Bao Bao, America's Greatest New Panda

what the polar vortex looks like.

watch this guy throw a pot of boiling water into -21 degree air.

he's a fun meteorologist to follow on twitter btw. @EricHolthaus

more love from BEYONCE. the 5 part mini documentary

part 1: the visual album part 2: imperfection part 3: run n gun part 4: liberation part 5: honesty

05 January 2014

smells like chips

Light Beer Taste Test

yahoo did a poll of light beers (thanks macbreath!) and trader joe's josé (racist) took top prize:
Ranking number one, Trader José Light, a private-label beer from the Trader Joe's chain, was surprisingly "pretty OK," according to our tasters. They liked that it "smelled like chips," was "lager-like," and had a "caramel-y" color.
who needs a lager? it's lager-like! 
i prefer it not be a caramel color, just caramel-y. 

this goes to show that it is never too hot for chips.

03 January 2014

Music Minute with MZ.DANGELS - Seasick Mama

Seasick Mama is one to watch in 2014.
Also note our beloved 2pz retreat spot - the Dominican Republic - featured in the vid.

what it is like today


"i'm the second lead vocalist of the group" cough cough WHAT? (shade)


Mayors - they're just like us!

Adorable Everyman Mayor de Blasio took to shoveling snow today after Snowstorm Hercules dropped a big dump on New York:
View image on Twitter

Although I thought that was Dante's job, according to his mom:

While I respect the Mayor's commitment to Keeping It Real, I kind of also appreciated the fact that Mayor Bloomberg was so rich he could pay someone to do life chores while he focused on mayoral tasks like reducing soda sizes and plopping bike paths everywhere.

02 January 2014

keep it kla$$i auburn

for flim

got 23 minutes to waste?

the best vines of 2013.

what's vine?

well, this is refreshing.

Several of the homes constructed for Hurricane Katrina victims by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right charity are rotting from the inside out, according to the New Orleans Advocate.
The charity used glass-infused wood that’s supposed to be green-friendly. But the material has struggled with moisture — a big problem for homes in a flood zone. The wood is going to be replaced, and Make It Right, which has also helped to rebuild storm-ravaged homes in the Rockaways, is considering legal action. (via)
glad to see brad's getting the full architect experience he never wanted.

welcome mayor de blasio!!

click here to watch / listen to his inaugural address.

memphis radio jams

like kylie, i too spent some time driving around and listening to the radio of the people of memphis. here are the highlights that i loved.