21 October 2011

look what i found

orange solo cups are currently available in new haven, and presumably everywhere else, in anticipation of halloween. stock up while you can, because most places are not lucky enough to have this valuable commodity available year-round.

you have my attention, lady gaga.

As previously reported, Lady Gaga will put out an album of remixes of tracks from Born This Way on November 21. She's unveiled the tracklist over on her website; it includes reworks by the Weeknd, Twin Shadow, Goldfrapp, Metronomy, the Horrors, Röyksopp and more. Details are below. Above, listen to Wild Beasts' take on "Yoü and I".
Born This Way the Remix:
01 Zedd: "Born This Way"
02 Goldfrapp: "Judas"
03 Foster the People: "The Edge of Glory"
04 Wild Beasts: "Yoü & I"
05 The Weeknd & Illangelo: "Marry the Night"
06 Michael Woods: "Black Jesus † Amen Fashion"
07 The Horrors: "Bloody Mary"
08 Guena LG: "Scheiße"
09 Gregori Klosman: "Americano"
10 Two Door Cinema Club: "Electric Chapel"
11 Metronomy: "Yoü & I"
12 Hurts: "Judas"
13 Twin Shadow: "Born This Way"
14 Sultan & Ned Shepard: "The Edge of Glory"
15 Röyksopp: "Judas" (iTunes exclusive)


best one yet.

the floor is lava.

jicydak.  thx deej!

also lookin' good!

WowTrackShots > Leg 27 - Don't Gorge Yourself 3.9 Miles >  WOW_5062

another runnin' photo! this one is from rachel. she expressed her dismay that the copyright obscures her justin hunter jersey, in whose honor she ran the race, and lives her life.
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