06 August 2010

identify yourself.

did you send me this? did you!?

what is molly doing?

"lookin' two dimensional."

and showin' you the world's fluffiest toe.

thx suz!

in other celebrities-in-old-timey-commercials news


27 bEaRz oLd!!!!

poor Basil Marceaux Dot Com

Kylie and I were following the TN elections together over gchat last night. After looking for the best site to get the results, wouldn't you know it was our own NYTimes that was easiest to follow. 2pz (and national) favorite Basil Marceaux lost the election after garnering 0% of the vote. I guess Tennesseans support the slavery at traffic stops that he was so against. Knoxville Mayor (woot!) Bill Haslam looks to be on his way to the governorship. When my dad went to work for Pilot 23 years ago, he promised him $100 to stop smoking, and my dad hasn't smoked since. I'll make the same offer to any of my smoker friends. Luckily, Lou Ann also lost. Check out the full results here.

Basil Marceaux was also running for congress, but he lost with 1% of the vote.



part-cat, part-crocodile, part-dinosaur, ALL AWESOME!

thx joey..

you sir took the words out of my mouth

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