10 February 2012

memphis tigers take times square

(they can have it)


chairlift covers beyonce's "party". kool AD's verse is 11 biscuits. and who recognizes that guitar solo?

nerd alert

This is such a bad ass idea! 36 cameras in a foam ball that takes spherical panaramic images that are standard so that it sticthes it on it's own. via

I want that t-shirt!

Jeremy Lin is a Knicks player that has got the basketball world buzzing. He's a 6'3 Harvard grad that has risen quickly out of obscurity to lead the Knicks to a 3-game win streak. In a season marred by a lock-out, tons of injuries, and lots of whining. Lin is a bright spot. The only american born chinese player in the league's postion with the Knicks was so tenuous that the guy didn't even rent an apartment in nyc, electing instead to crash on his brother's couch.

I'm a celtic's fan, but let's hear it for the underdogs. and names that are perfect for puns.
Linsanity, Lingenius, Lincredible

pronunciation manual

gangles showed me this youtube channel that helps you learn how to say hard things.


spawned from an analytical discussion with DJV of songs you didn't know gerry rafferty sang, i present to you...

dentist office BANGERS!!

playlist inspiration and title credit goes to deeeejj!!

and now...

a video of starla and kelly howard doing karaoke last night.

dolly parton's tote of many colors

i'll take one of these. do you think they sell them at OAK?

 you can purchase here.

nothing to see here.

don't even watch this terrible video.

thx matt via ktv!

leave a message and i'll call you back

  @nodoubt assures us they are hard at work on the new album.

n-words in paris, update!

while the internet's been buzzing about the recent release of the video for jay-z and kanye's "you-know-whats in paris", i came across a claim that they had performed the song 168 times on the watch the throne tour. i quickly realized that there's no way they played that many shows, and dug a little deeper. this is hilarious:
The video -- which West directed -- starts with footage of the duo's Los Angeles performance, a decision that was perhaps made to honor the number of times they rapped the song live (10 consecutive times at the show in question). From there, the video becomes a mix of special effects (primarily of the kaleidoscopic variety) and concert footage (via)
According to Rap Radar and the fan video below, the Throne duo played the song nine times in a row last night at the end of their second show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Nine times! At the album version's three-minute, 40-second length, that's more than a half hour of nothing but a song you've already heard a million times — that'd be, like, well on your way to two full episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix! "A glorious occasion … a record-setting evening … it's so magnificent," raved the proud multimillionaires from the stage. (via)
If you have been to one of the Watch the Throne Tour concerts, you know that Jay-Z and Kanye West really love to perform their WTT banger “Niggas in Paris“, which is currently #6 on the Billboard Hot 200. In fact, the duo performed the song 11 times in one concert in Vancouver. (via)
On their Watch The Throne tour last year, Jay-Z and Kanye West became notorious for performing their triumphant banger “Niggas In Paris” over and over, as many as 10 times. (via)
that's about how many times i've watched the video in the last 18 hours.


don't be jelly beans of my curpcake

I got it for all of my hard work...


There's chocolate inside my chocolate. JICYWW.

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