15 May 2011

loose seal

princess hijab


pope thing #5

speaking of alicia keys, the papal seal!

pope thing #4 (or, #1 pope)

did you know that the first pope was peter; like, bible peter. in fact, not only was he in the bible, he wrote a bunch of it. he plays a part in plenty of funny bible stories, so if you get a chance you could read some of them.

this is a picture someone took of jesus literally giving peter the keys to heaven. i wonder if those keys are hidden somewhere in the vatican... i bet tom hanks and amelie could find them.

pope thing #3

security guards. the swiss guard are fierce.

pope thing #2

when i got to reading about that pope assassination attempt, it reminded me of other things i happen to think are awesome about the pope.

awesome pope thing #1: immortal (see previous post)

awesome pope thing #2: THOSE CLOTHES

seriously, just google papal vestments. if youre wearing a hat, hold the F onto it. popes get the best outfits. everyday is like a royal wedding to jesus.

some guy once tried to kill Pope JP2

The papal assassination attempt happened in St. Peter's Square on May 13th, 1981. The pope was shot four times, and lived to forgive his potential assassin and visit him in prison.

On that moving occasion, Ali Agca knelt and kissed the Fisherman’s ring in a sign of respect; he did not ask for forgiveness. Instead, he said, “I know I was aiming right. I know that the bullet was a killer, So why aren’t you dead?”
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glee - rolling in the deep

adele - rolling in the deep



How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You're Having Sex With Him

but hilarious nonetheless. thx hannah!
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