23 September 2011

blog sneak attack

me: brb work
rachel: when you get back, i think i went on a date with a mennonite

Good Wife Wednesdays! Open Call.

Please come and join us as we watch "The Good Wife" each and every Wed at GPP starting September 28th. We are starting at the beginning of Season 2 on DVD as Season 3 gets DVR'ed.
"But I've never even heard of The Good Wife, What is it about?" 

Keeks answers that question after the jump.


Pieces of this satellite, some as large as a CITY BUS, are going to careen to earth today. Hope you brought your forcefield to work.

article from NYT

don't ever forget how much strength you have.

totes watching this. who's with me?

thx rachel for the heads up.

spotifriday : middle school

well, i started off making a pearl-jam-inspired playlist, but then i realized "god, why are there all these good songs from the years 1994-1996?", and then i realized those are the same years i was in middle school.

presenting.... cms tigers!

it's pretty emo. so enjoy that.

is this anything?

gawker showed me this video of a guy on an america's-got-talent type show from chile or something who does an incredible eddie vedder. consequently, i think this just became pearl jam friday.

how exciting.

i feel like i've seen the entire movie now. but still, it looks good. can't wait.
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