13 August 2010

a klit klat with no legs = moving pillow

do you want to touch me

last night during the movie, this song came on that was very familiar but i couldnt place it. i used the internet to answer my questions and realized why i was confused. i had blogged it.

which do you like best?

original gary glitter (child molester) version: glam rock

joan jett version: rock chick

brad walsh (mr christian sirriano) version: electro synth

knoxville. west coast.

22 days!!!

to celebrate, straight from your favorite studenthooperrapper:
the swiperboy video of the day!

the happiest place on earth : governor's island

the nytimes has a heart-lifting article and slideshow depicting the wonders of governor's island. if you haven't gone, you should. and soon.
Its 172 acres include empty Victorian houses, imposing forts, a parade ground and ball fields, an artificial beach and an encircling promenade with arresting panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey. And increasingly over the last four years, from May to October — with visitors now riding hourly on weekend ferries from Brooklyn and Manhattan — the island has been shaping a new culture of its own. Its participants include trapeze artists, bicyclists, conceptual artists, D.J.’s, musicians, dancers and dramatists, and its attractions range from views of the New York Harbor to a free miniature-golf course designed by an arts group, where fanciful stations allow players to take metaphorical potshots at a national missile defense shield or putt a ball in support of carbon-neutral footprints. (via)
thx lilly!

daily ri ri

last night rihanna was bee-bopping around nyc after her show with ke$ha at madison square garden. she also got a new tattoo on her neck that says "rebelle fleur." people are annoying her because it seems to be incorrect french grammar, but rihanna says nuh uh. i say werk it gurl cuz u look sessy. looks like loubs.

what life is like.

sometimes it feels like we're all just wasted and putting a tent together. unpossible.

what?! i forgot i was waiting for friday the 13th.

im spooked!

happy friday the 13th!

raise your paw if you're excited to see DJV tomorrow!!

2Pz movie review

joel and i watched the runaways last night, staring bella swan as joan jett,  and jane as cherie currie. i was pleasantly surprised.

here's a performance of their hit, "cherry bomb" being performed in japan in 1977.

and here's the movie's recreation. dakota, you go gurl.

overall, i wasn't expecting much, but i found it to be very engaging. and as far as music biopics go, i thought the director employed some inventive techniques, and kept the momentum up. but most importantly, those ladies really turned it out in the acting department. and they're bff's irl! 8 biscuits over all. 

hello friday.... ive been waiting.

the man that got away | judy garland

the greatest torch song ever?
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