04 November 2011

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omg toots.

on the new episode of beavis and butthead (you heard me), they are watching tv and TOOT'S SHOWS UP and they make fun of it and it is awesome. skip to around the 7-minute mark.

"i predict i'm going to be going to toot's alone."

that's a good ass video.

do you still love me?

Gays Have A New Meme: i can haz destroy traditional marriage?

Also, the Republican controlled legislature in New Hampshire might succeed in overturning the states equal marriage law passed in 2009.  Recently State Representative David Bates (R) stopped pursuing a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages, opting instead to simply pass a law replacing the option of marriage for same-sex couples with civil unions.  It's important to mention that the civil unions would be open to any unmarried adults, including relatives, would lack many of the rights granted by marriage, and also would allow "anyone to discriminate against such couples in employment, housing and public accommodations based on religious or moral beliefs" (so basically worthless).

Representative Bates says he his dropping the constitutional amendment because the legislative option is more simple.  It likely has more to do with the fact that a number of polls throughout this year have indicated that a majority of New Hampshire residents support the equal marriage law, and:
A poll from the University of New Hampshire this month showed that 62 percent of residents oppose repealing the same-sex marriage law -- including a plurality of likely Republican primary voters-- while only 27 percent support repealing it.
This means a constitutional amendment would be unlikely to receive the two-thirds voter support required to pass in a referendum.

Governor John Lynch (D) has vowed to veto the bill if passed, and a veto override would take two-thirds of present and voting members in each house.  Along part lines, the Republicans have enough votes to accomplish this, but some aren't convinced a veto override is guaranteed.

The bill has already cleared the House Judicary Committee.

Also, Rick Perry is urging the New Hampshire legislature to repeal the law, but he's probably drunk so who cares.

I've got to say, it's pretty ballsy of Republicans to overturn a law that has a majority of support amongst the people they are tasked with representing.  Usually they're the party crowing on and on about activist judges and legislatures imposing their will on the people, and insisting that questions of same-sex marriage be decided by a referendum.  But a lack of principle is what I've come to expect from them.


have you been watching?

[American Horror Story] creator Ryan Murphy previews next week's episode, "Piggy, Piggy":
"Piggy Piggy" is a really fun one for me, it's also a horrifying one because one of the things the show deals with is the "American horrors" that we deal with in our culture. Certainly, kids and violence is one of them. So the opening is beyond tense and very upsetting where we see the true story of Tate. Then, Eric Stonestreet comes on as a patient who is paralyzed by urban myths and legends like Bloody Mary. It's a pivotal one in the run of the show. It's sort of half-way there and we deal with all these questions about Tate that we have been dealing with so I think it's very momentous. What does he know? What doesn't he know? Why he did what he did? What does Violet find out about what he did? It's all that in there.
He also discusses Mena Suvari's casting as a character called the Black Dahlia, who is indeed meant to be the famous murder victim from the 1940s. He confirms the character will be seen in flashbacks with Dr. Montgomery, and he adds:
The interesting thing about that is there were over 60 people to step forward to say, "I was the killer of the Black Dahlia" so we wanna tell people what really happened to the Black Dahlia. You know it had to do with the f-ed up house! (via)
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look who was on my radio this morning.

Hiring slowed in October as employers faced more uncertainty over future economic growth, according to the unemployment report released Friday. But even in this weak economic recovery, some companies are growing — especially in the tech sector.
One example is New York-based Gilt Groupe, a web retailer which has been hiring approximately one new worker every day of this year. Gilt was founded by Kevin Ryan, who previously was CEO of the online advertising firm DoubleClick. (via)


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