21 February 2011

guess what i bought!

A bb gun. it's the coolest. I am official now.

well? what do you think?

biebs got a haircute. i think he looks adorbz.

brb outside : austin!

as many of you know, i spent last weekend in the happiest place on earth: austin, texas. i had never been, and my hosts, jeff, hank, and erin baker mooney gave me a wonderful tour. we spent most of our time eating, drinking, and relaxing outdoors. i even got a little bit of a suntan! here are some pixies.
the view from the mooneys'.
 this is hank. he is a goldendoodle, and he will carry his own leash.
 this is how he rides in cars.
this is a picture of him jumping for a stick in zilker park, which is one of his favorite places.
 south congress street is a really cute part of town, featuring lots of boutiques, restaurants, bars, etc.
 food truck park on south congress. what are you lookin' at, glasses?
 i had a chicken-fried avocado for lunch at doc's.
 this is a really great shirt that i found at storyville.
 a mural inside home slice pizza, which erin constructed pretty much by herself.
the austin motel.
not on congress, but still. look at that.
austin is very dog-friendly, which means hank gets to come to happy hour, this time at clive.
hank shares a stick with his friends jake and ruby.
jeff had a little dinner table accident at polvos : before (notice the precarious perch)
after. ;(
 hank at the pool.
 hank at brunch at austin java.
 hank on one of his favorite trails.
and finally, hank swimmin'!

are you jelly? i thought you would be. i have a few more pixies right here.

extra special thx to the mooneys for providing such a nice vacation. i'll be back very soon!

solo beth ditto

nicolette showed me this video. it. is. awesome.

rihanna + drake + kanye killing it


three cheers to the NBA for a halftime show done right!

zach anner meets oprah

we've talked about zach anner in the past. he is now onw of the final three contestants left on the reality show where the prize is your show on OWN. zach is obviously the best, as seen here in this clip where he meets oprah. via.

what is jazzy doing?

looking aMAZing! thx mom!

daily ri ri

Yesterday Rihanna turned 22.

Happy BEARthday Rihanna! I wish you all the blessings and continued success that you could hope for!
On her special day she performed at the NBA all-star game, and then cut up with J-Biebs during the game.
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