29 February 2012

so, snooki's pregnant.

first uma, then drew, and now this.
Snooki -- the decorous and well-marbled star of Jersey Shore -- is pregnant. Earlier this month, she denied being with child but she apparently has since brokered an Us Weekly cover to announce the news to the glossy magazine-buying world. The father is Jionni LaValle, her TV boyfriend of 18 months. She's reportedly three months along, and according to Page Six's source, MTV is "in crisis mode" because they're worried it "greatly affect the creative direction" of a planned spin-off she's supposed to star in with fellow Jersey Shore alumnus Jenni Farley (née JWoww) which was supposed to be heavy on libations and brief, pointless threats. That format is obviously going to have to be tweaked if there's a newborn involved. Or maybe not, you never know. (via)

good idea.

Hollywood dreadnaught Ryan Murphy has announced plans to make a movie musical with Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Reese Witherspoon, based on an idea they had at dinner. Yeah, apparently they were all eating supper at Soho House, the faaabulous social club where everyone faaabulous hangs out, and they decided they wanted to do something together so they came up with One Hit Wonders, about a trio of washed-up '90s singers forming a supergroup, right there at dinner. How about that! (via)



excuse me.

would you just.


starla: so i saw tim riggins
me: how'd it go?
starla: he is SO FUCKING HOT
me: ctm



the new york times facebook timeline

Facebook just debuted timelines for companies and The New York Times', which goes back to the papers founding, is amazing. Starting 153 years before the creation of Facebook, the Times Timeline includes updates throughout the paper's lifespan. (via)

fired UP!

obama's UAW speech from yesterday. love it.


Bear 71 Live observes and records the intersection of humans, nature and technology in a live, Internet connected event. Questioning how we see the world through the lens of technology, this multi-user, interactive story blurs the line between the wild world and the wired one. And it involves an augmented reality app. (via)
thx ktv!

good answer.

thx ktv!

what is starla doing today?

jic you missed it.

happy 1st leap year toooooops!

real life dragon found in indonesia

read alllll about it.

Note to all the fair maidens out there, I would totally slay that thing for you.

jeopardy justin strikes again

alex let them freestyle on the "getting to know you" segment. and once again, this guy took the opportunity to weird everybody out.

he later inexplicably uttered the phrase "you better check yourself before you trebek yourself."

28 February 2012

is that this?

sarajane found this photo on an artsy fartsy french photography website, posted TODAY. twilight zone theme.

i dont think this is such a good idea.

thx starla!

the poor douchebag who poored beer on german chancellor angela merkel

ive got a nazi joke on the tip of my tongue here, someone help me out. via.

what's for dessert?

why not choose an oreo? the venerable cookie is celebrating its 100th birthday next week. try it with milk, or in ice cream, or in a milk shake, or double stuffed, or triple decker, or dipped in chocolate, or just by itself. cookie perfection.

what's for lunch?????

homemade chicken salad (thomas wilhelm's recipe!) on baguette and a diet ginger ale. 



jon stewart got me several times during this segment.

nErD aLeRt!

your 2012 pritzker prize winner is...
WaNg sHu!!!!!

never heard of him? me neither.
Wang Shu, a 48 year old architect whose architectural practice is based in Hangzhou, The People’s Republic of China, will be the recipient of the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize, it was announced today by Thomas J. Pritzker, chairman of The Hyatt Foundation which sponsors the prize. The formal ceremony for what has come to be known throughout the world as architecture’s highest honor will be in Beijing on May 25.
In announcing the jury’s choice, Pritzker elaborated, “The fact that an architect from China has been selected by the jury, represents a significant step in acknowledging the role that China will play in the development of architectural ideals. In addition, over the coming decades China’s success at urbanization will be important to China and to the world. This urbanization, like urbanization around the world, needs to be in harmony with local needs and culture. China’s unprecedented opportunities for urban planning and design will want to be in harmony with both its long and unique traditions of the past and with its future needs for sustainable development.” (via)
bonus links:
a pritzker history infographic
wang chung's "dance hall days"

bon iver - towers


27 February 2012

uma's preggers!

breaking news from celebrity correspondent starla!

hank for senate!

a collection of sportz themed tatttoos

 ESPN has a fan submission contest for sports themed TATZ. Here are some standouts.

ohhh noooo. come on, why? her. again. you know?




SOUND logic.

makes perfect sense.

irl friday night lights.

this won 'best documentary' last night.

"you think football builds character? it does not. football reveals character."

new andrew bird album streaming


Learn more about this year's most important supporting actors.

curbing sprawl in nashville

The regional planning authority for the Nashville, Tennessee, metropolitan area has embarked on a new philosophy to put the notoriously sprawling region on a less polluting and less consumptive path, anchored by walkable neighborhoods, public transportation and maximizing the efficiency of current roadways.
Meeting the laudable goal of shaping a more sustainable region will not be easy: in 2001, the Nashville metro area was cited as the nation’s most spread-out – the area with the fewest number of residents per square mile – in a review of 271 of our largest metro areas.
If Nashville’s land use challenge is daunting, its transportation challenges – in large part created by the predominance of sprawl – are similarly formidable. (via)

memphis is full of wild animals




26 February 2012

two smart ladies

Jane Lynch interviews Amy Poehler. Take an hour and watch this. It's worth it.

new blog featch : "what if?" with thomas wilhelm

what if we owned a skating rink that allowed puppies, and required them to either wear tiny skates or fit inside one big skate. we could call it "puppy derby". and at christmas time we could have an ice rink and the name would be "you're on thin ice, bitch" and the logo would be an arm cocked in a backhand slapping position.

this has been the first installment of "what if?" with thomas wilhelm

time to play GUESS WHO?

Who do these gambling games remind you of? Answer in the comments plz.

24 February 2012

what is bella swan doing?

just helpin' melissa out at work! i like your wall street pixie! it reminds me of this...

are you describing yourself?

"There is a backlash," says Gehry, now aged 82, "against me and everyone who has done buildings that have movement and feeling", that is "self-righteous" and "annoying… The notion is that it is counterproductive to social responsibility and sustainability. Therefore, curving the wall or doing something so-called wilful is wrong and so there is a tendency back to bland." (via)
i'm sorry, all i heard was "waaaah. waaaahh. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh."

something to consider.

and i was all pet pet pet pet pet

Video of sea otter pup Cayucos’s grooming session! Her trainer says “she does pretty well grooming herself now, but she has still needed help sometimes with hard-to-reach areas of her coat.” (via)
and she was all STARE.

never forget.

nymag's look back at meryl streep's majesty, over the years. 

carnivale photos

thomas wilhelm showed me this collection of photos from mardis gras / carnivale celebrations around the world. check out rio. they don't f around. (also, part 1)

what it's like in syria

A French journalist has smuggled out some of the clearest footage yet of the dramatic and dangerous ongoing battle in Homs. The 11-minute report, which was broadcast on Britain's Channel 4, shows mourners rallying over dead bodies without coffins, children suffering from shrapnel wounds in makeshift hospitals, and armed fighters doing battle with government snipers in the street. Be warned that some of the images of blood and wounds are quite graphic. (via)


today's playlist:

true life : i have a hangover

takin' it nice...and easy.

girl doesn't even know who ginuwine is.

perfect television.

23 February 2012

lift off

thx flim

a closer look at zac efron's condomgate sunnies.


jenny, close your eyes.

look at jordan mcrae dunking all over ole piss (start at 1:32)!!

i propose a nickname. how about "air jordan"??

thx deej max.

thomas wilhelm wanted me to share this with you

and i am more than happy to oblige. this is a video of honey boo boo child zac efron on the red carpet handing the contents of his pocket to some nameless nobody escorting him down the orange carpet at the lorax premiere. THEN A CONDOM FALLS OUT. vapors, ive got vapors.

starla has a new neighbor

jeremy lin is now living at the W hotel downtown, just a stones throw (or bounce pass) away from one of new york's most eligible bachelorettes.

new AP logo

The Associated Press has a new logo -- its first in 30 years! -- and it looks much more upright instead of slanting off to the right as the old one did. It's also black, with a red underline, and the stencil-like look that's a little more pronounced, with larger bridges in the letters -- the bridge on the "A" also shifted from right to left. According to the AP's marketing package (PDF), the straight-up letters are supposed to send the message that AP leans over for nobody. The revised logo "is bold and straightforward and stands upright to stress integrity." Meanwhile, the new color scheme "shows the dynamic nature of our news company, and allows a much-needed flexibility to reflect our diverse array of products and services." (via)
i don't know.

what are you giving up for lent?

i'm giving up not eating cadbury mini eggs.

share your lenten resolution in the comments!
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