18 November 2010

steve buscemi is looking at you

from here

this puppy knows all the tricks

after you finish that, read this funny story about how puppies dont like moving from state to state.

jake and annie are just the cutest


this is why i love robyn

When we asked Robyn to name her favorite pop artist earlier this year, she said, "Prince is king to me," without hesitation. And she's proving her fan-dom below with an in-studio cover of the Purple One's mega hit "When Doves Cry" recorded for the UK's Channel 4, via Some Kind of Awesome

for one thing, i love her music. for another thing, she covers the best songs: bjork, now prince. robyn is a bloggers dream because she always has new hot news to talk about.

keep it going robyn!

are you my mother?

ellen tweeted this pic.

speaking of gift ideas

why dont you just let gwyneth paltrow help you pick out something appropriate.

she recommends personalized stamps, embossed leather, silk screened tote bags, and silhouette pendants. mmhmmm.

i want that.

you know which one.

what are you doing tonight?

going to see the cutest band on the planet, morning benders, at webster hall with lillywhitefish and leigh anne. pret. ty. pumped.

also, twin sister are opening. i like them, so i'm excited about that. here's their new video.

if you like girl talk...

(i can't stand it, personally)
...you can stream their new album, all day, here. listeners have catalogued the 372 samples via wikipedia, and the site's creator developed a player which  lists them in real-time.

the power of the internet!

brooklyn's getting a shake shack!

it's going to be down in the fulton street mall.

seems like an odd location, but i'm on board.

murfreesboro mosque will be built.

A judge refused Wednesday to stop construction of a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro that was opposed by some local residents who tried to argue that there was a conspiracy by Muslims to impose extremist law on the United States. Rutherford County Chancellor Robert Corlew ruled that he could not find that the “county acted illegally, arbitrarily or capriciously” in approving the plan. (via)
there's still some sense left in that sleepy ol' town.

new lykke li video.

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