06 January 2012

happy friday everyone!

have a great weekend writing country songs or participating in design competitions or playing skeeball or whatever it is that you idiots do on your weekends!!

blair witch the force

Speaking of what I looked like in High School. I would like to see this movie, please.

what is starla doing this weekend?

i asked her if she wanted to hang out and she said she couldn't this weekend because she had "this church thang" and had to "do some wig-shoppin'" before.

keepaway - cake


i won the lottery

yale advanced design studios have a strange reverse lottery system to select professors. this occurred yesterday. i distributed my points correctly, and then gambled by putting frank gehry as my top choice. i then had a stroke of luck, as apparently the selection process became a coin flip for those that tied in points. i've heard, though it's not confirmed, that there were 2 people out of 10 that got lucky in the coin flip, and i am one them (see my name right next to frank's [first name basis now, o.c.] in the picture there?). anyways, we then sat down with him for 2 hours and listened to him talk. i like listening to old men talk, and this one happened to be frank gehry. we are meeting him at the met opera house this afternoon, and then he's taking us to dinner in the city. and he told us he would get us drunk and get to know us. i also will be travelling and meeting other famous people throughout the semester. i'll let y'all know all about it. ridin' high this semester.


today's spotifriday playlist is a 2Pz collaboration from me and joel.

inspired by 2012's hottest female country supergroup, pistol annies (they're really good, y'all!), we give you...

cuntry ladies!!

NeRd aLeRt!

Yesterday, The New York Times published an article about architect Charles Pierrepont Henry Gilbert (Jeez, leave some names for the rest of us, Mr. Selfish).  While he may be known for designing high-end townhouses along Fifth and Madison Avenues, including the Jewish Museum at 1109 Fifth Avenue, he also designed a number of quirky neo-Gothic and Romanesque townhouses around Grand Army Plaza.  He designed practically every house on Montgomery Place.  Be sure to look up each and everyone of them on Googmaps.

I remember these one from riding bikes to Prospect Park!
This is my favorite because of the interesting brickwork.  What's yours?

Also, I enjoyed this little tibit:
In 1897 Charles N. Howard (One of Gilbert's clients), who lived at No. 838, was knocked over by a cyclist riding on the sidewalk at Grand Army Plaza. The rider disappeared, and Mr. Howard sued the city for his broken arm. The municipal defense — that it “was known to all residents in the neighborhood” that bicycle riders routinely rode on the sidewalks — did not fly. Mr. Howard received $25,000.
Residents around Prospect Park complaining about cyclists?  I guess some things never change.

spirit week 2012

"Another reminder for Monday is that students will be dressing up as a teacher, so you are all encouraged to dress like you used to when you were in high school!"

Does anyone have any cargo shorts I can borrow?
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