10 October 2012

starla's dozen

nEw bLoG fEaTcH alert!!!1111

i asked starla to tell me her thoughts on what i consider to be the song of the summer, solange aka basement baby's new single, "losing you".

me: have you listened to this new solange song?
starla: i can't deal with basement baby
me: pretend its not her and listen
starla: is she in a jungle?
sounds like wild birds are attacking
i like it but not that chirping
it is distracting
next, i then asked her to review the new foray into dubcountrytwostep by trashball tay tay swifferstickz, called "i knew you were trouble".

starla: i love taylor
you like it don't you
just admit it
me: i don't care for it, no.
starlas's new status message - kylie loves taylor swift 3:58 PM
this has been the first installment of starla's dozen. i hope it happens again.

another cute baby animal

remember baby panda Knut? NEVER FORGET. thx maggie


have you ever been asked by a friend to read a text message from a boy and try to decipher what it could possibly mean? have you ever showed your own phone to a friend to find out if a confusing text message is actually confusing, or if you are just confused by reading too much into it? have you ever wanted to crowdsource an answer? here is your chance. HeTexted lets you expose your vulnerable underbelly so that the internet can mock you and your inability to figure out that the guy just isn't that into you. via

joel's wishlist

halloween is coming, which means its about time you start thinking about what you're going to get your favorite bloggers for christmas this year. joel's going to need a pair of these.
The shoes—titled "Scary Beautiful"—were designed by artist Leanie van der Vyver, who teamed up with Dutch shoe designer RenĂ© van den Berg. A recent graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, "Scary Beautiful" were part of van der Vyver's thesis, a commentary on today's impossible beauty standards. (via)
do you want it straight? or broken.

jic you forgot

check out ann romney on good morning america

watch the highlights here.

she catches a football, burns her welsh cakes, says she is most comfortable around horses (and that they are the reason she gets out of bed in the morning) and then almost gets hit with stanley tucci's burning butter.

introducing mitik, the adorable orphan baby walroose

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mitik -- Mit for short. The Alaska Sea Life Center picked up this baby walrus off the coast near Barrow with his buddy Pakak. Then just nine weeks old, the poor guy didn't have any parents and needed intensive care when he got back to land. Six weeks later, Mit is a 234-pound bundle of joy with a terrific appetite and many chins. He's also the newest addition to the New York Aquarium just off the Coney Island Boardwalk. (via)
i reached out to 2Pz joel for comment:
Joel: if the new york aquarium puts that thing in a petting zoo they will make a million bucks, just from me

get well soon, coach!

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee's Derek Dooley is recovering from surgery on his fractured right hip and will coach from the press box Saturday at No. 19 Mississippi State.
The school announced Tuesday that Dooley had experienced increasing pain in his right hip over the last two months. Dooley underwent an MRI on Friday that showed he had a fracture.
After joining his team for its Tuesday morning practice session, Dooley underwent surgery later that afternoon.
The surgery was performed by Russell Betcher and Greg Mathien of the Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic at UT Medical Center.
Dooley said after Tuesday's practice that he had a "little hip issue, I'll keep you updated on it," but did reveal that he was heading to surgery.
"I wasn't in red, but I wasn't moving like I normally move," quipped Dooley, referring to the red non-contact jerseys that injured players wear in practice.
Tennessee athletic department spokesman Jimmy Stanton said Dooley won't be at practice Wednesday and that it's uncertain whether he will be at Thursday's practice.
Dooley will work from the coaches' booth at the Davis Wade Stadium press conference due to limited mobility caused by the surgery. He will consult his doctors and the Tennessee sports medicine staff to see if he can return to his normal coaching duties next week. (via)

tig notaro on fresh air

jicydak, comedienne tig notaro has been talked about a lot recently due to her now famous stand-up show back in august where she talked about the downward spiral her life had become after pneumonia turned into a terrible bacterial infection that almost killed her, her mother died, she and her gf broke up, and finally, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. read all about it here. louis ck tweeted that it was one of the few masterful stand-up performances he had witnessed.

this week, she appeared on fresh air, as did louis ck, to talk about the set and her prognosis.

this american life, too.

it's an engrossing story, and i just wanted to make sure you were all paying attention. you can purchase the performance recording at louis ck's website.

better late than never

take a look at country star and tennessee native kenny fucking powers chesney giving ol' smokey a smooch! via

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