01 September 2011

Filming Nearby!

These gentlemen are filming in Williamsburg. On the no parking signs it said they were filming "Gun Hill." IMDB came up blank. STAY TUNED

thomas wilhelm's favorite song

american reunion

an american pie sequel.

i'm not embarassed to say that i will probably see it.

maybe it's because my own 10 year reunion is in 30 DAYS.


just because it exists.

packed your lunchbox.

thx john! (via)


Freshman to watch: Da'Rick Rodgers

Nick-name: DaFreak
No: 21
Pos: WR
info: Da’Rick Rogers was the most notable name in last year’s recruiting class with many recruiting services calling him the top receiver in the nation. He was slated to go to Georgia, but then decided that he'd prefer to play for ol' Derek Doooooooley.

Vols: 1 Georgia: 0


more on pat summitt

from the new york times:
“My first thought was, Pat Summitt is our coach and always will be,” said Tennessee’s athletic director, Joan Cronan, who has worked with Summitt for 28 years. “But I had three things to do. I had to protect Pat, who is the most loved person at the University of Tennessee. I had to protect her legacy. And I had to protect the program she built.”
It did not take much discussion for Cronan and Jimmy G. Cheek, the university chancellor, to agree that Summitt should continue. They said they based their decision on what Summitt has meant to the university and the staff she has around her, all of whom will absorb more responsibilities. (via)
thx erin!

official 2Pz endorsement : SPOTIFY

we just started using it. we really like it. you should use it, too. we can be spotify friends! ok?!

(if you sign in with facebook, you'll have friends automatically)

manually add utkkaiser or jvmelton

have you seen?

this new internet thing? it's called city maps, and it catalogs businesses block by block, with a pretty special real-time social-networking integration. helpful!

ps - look what happened when i clicked on "food & restaurants"...

it knoooowwwwsssss!!!

dedicated to DJV

this shit cray.

watch rick santorum have his anti-gay-marriage position lightly challenged by a penn state student.

and as gawker points out....technically:
bigot (ˈbɪɡət) — n. a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race 

three. point. stance.

look at christina ricci playing a weird version of cornhole on jimmy fallon. looks like she needs a better coach.....


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